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23 January 2016 @ 09:01 pm
You know what time it is! Christmas 2015 post!  
Hey guys! I think this is the latest I've ever waited to write up this post. XD; Christmas 2015 was a very lovely holiday this year. I enjoyed it muchly~

Anyways, here's the list for the year!

Video Games:
-Yo-Kai Watch

-Big Hero 6
-Happy Feet

-Animated Storytelling: Simple Steps For Creating Animation & Motion Graphics (this is a book written by my old college professor! :D)
-A coloring book for the Disney/Pixar movie Inside Out

Other Things:
-a $15 Amazon giftcard
-a POP Vinyl figure of The Flash (TV show version)
-a calendar of The Big Bang Theory
-a box of Cap'n Crunch's Christmas Crunch cereal
-a box of Holiday Sprinkles Cookie Crisp cereal (the first time I've EVER been able to try Cookie Crisp! They've never made a non-chocolate chip version until now!)
-2 pairs of yoga pants
-a sports bra
-a purple camisole
-a pair of blue velour-like pants
-3 long sleeve shirts
-a winter cap, scarf, & glove set
-a pair of plaid pajama bottoms

From my neighbor:
-a pair of snowflake pajama bottoms

From my boyfriend:
-a Princess Zelda amiibo
-Bayonetta 2 (he didn't get to order it before it sold out EVERYWHERE after her SSB4 reveal announcement happened in December, so we're waiting until the reprint in February to get it)

From friends (not sure why I never did this till now):
-The Lego Movie
-a Krispy Kreme Dulce de Leche scented candle
-a pack of Pokémon TCG cards
-a pack of cinnamon snowman graham crackers
-a purple narwhal plushie
-a Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Pokédex strategy guide
-a $20 Nintendo eShop card
-a gaming-themed air freshener for my car
-3 stacks of Oreos (which I gave out to family & friends that like chocolate since he apparently forgot that I don't XD;)

Stocking Stuffers:
-2 boxes of "Alex's Lemonade Stand" Mike and Ike's
-2 cherry Ring Pops
-2 cherry limeade Ring Pops
-a bag of fruity Tootsie Rolls
-a pack of 5 Christmas-themed buttons
-a maroon winter cap
-a yellow camisole
-a pair of black texting gloves with purple fingertips
-a holiday scratch-off card
-a tube of toothpaste
-a tube of hand moisturizer
-a striped cosmetics bag

See ya! ;)

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