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02 January 2019 @ 02:11 am
Happy New Year~! I'm back again for the usual list! This year was my first time not being at home for Christmas (since I officially moved in with my boyfriend and his parents back in October), but my family still spoiled me anyway with lots of gifts in the mail. T~T

Also, my boyfriend's mom kept saying how I "brought Christmas back to the home" since they did nothing to celebrate it last year. But this year she ordered a pop-up tree to decorate the kitchen/living room so that the house felt at least a little bit Christmas-y. None of us expected how many gifts would wind up around that little tree. XD

Video Games:
-Refer to the "From my boyfriend" section. (No games from my family this year since I didn't give them a list of things I wanted. XD;)

-Incredibles 2

Other Things:
-a pair of Christmas pajamas and socks
-a pack of Hanes socks
-a pack of No Nonsense socks
-a t-shirt of Super Mario characters crossing Abbey Road
-a pair of gray workout pants
-a purple shirt
-a gray shirt
-a rooster oven mitt and a pair of rooster pot holders
-a Jersey Shore tote bag (NOT the MTV show)
-a bag of Trader Joe's Churro Bites
-a box of Cap'n Crunch's Christmas Crunch cereal
-a box of Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch
-a Super Nintendo themed calendar
-a Super Mario heat changing mug
-a Steve Harrington (Stranger Things) POP! vinyl figure
-a Playskool Heroes Marvel Super Hero Adventures Mech Armor Captain America figure (there's a story behind this one: my brother and I were hanging out with my neighbor's niece's twins in their playroom, and they had this Captain America mech figure and a Spider-Man mech figure that they were making each other fight and stuff. My brother seemed so excited by them, so I got him the Spider-Man one as a silly gift for his birthday back in June. So in turn, he ended up getting this one for me for Christmas. XD)

From my neighbor:
-a blue shirt

From my boyfriend:
-Katamari Damacy REROLL (I'm so hooked on this game!)
-a Geodude Sitting Cuties plush
-a Drowzee Sitting Cuties plush
-a Litten Pokémon Gallery figure
-a sterling silver infinity necklace (he said some very sweet things to me about why he got me this ♥)

From my boyfriend's family:
-a cream scarf
-a cream winter beanie
-a light blue robe (this thing is so soft, omg~)

From my friends:
-Ensky Kirby Adventure Stackable Nosechara Mini Figures (this was a totally unexpected surprise, and I ADORE them~ ♥)
-an Exeggutor Sitting Cuties plush

Stocking Stuffers:
-a pair of Bahama Mama socks
-a Tornadus Pokémon McDonald's Happy Meal toy (with an Eevee TCG card!)
-RAGE card game
-a pack of Kleenex tissues
-a tube of Gold Bond lotion
-a tube of Merry Cookie hand cream
-a bottle of Merry Cookie hand sanitizer
-a penguin magnetic paper pad and pen
-a striped coin pouch/ID holder
-2 cherry Ring Pops
-a box of Holiday Mix Skittles
-a box of Merry Mix Mike & Ike's

See ya! ;)

Current Mood: gratefulgrateful
26 December 2017 @ 04:22 pm
Hey guys! It's that time of the season once again, my annual Christmas gifts post!

This year has been quite the doozy for me. My boyfriend is temporarily living down in Alabama with his parents for a year and a half or so (he moved there at the end of August, so it's been 4 months now). And I recently picked up a second job working for Amazon (been working there since October). So this past month was nuts with overtime hours for them. Had to work hard and pick all the items for customers' orders in time for the holidays!


Video Games (and other accessories):
-Hey! Pikmin
-a Goomba amiibo
-a Koopa Troopa amiibo

-Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2
-Cars 3

Other Things: (I think I'm forgetting a couple of clothing gifts right now)
-a pair of yoga pants
-a pair of jeans
-a pair of gray pants
-a light blue long sleeve shirt
-a classic Super Mario Bros. t-shirt
-a bra ("I don't think I should take this out of the box for Dad to take a picture, but thank you anyway!" XD;)
-a face scrubbing device (forgot the name of it at the moment)
-a can of Kickin' Chicken Taco Pringles
-a box of Super Mario cereal
-a box of Cap'n Crunch's Christmas Crunch cereal
-a pack of Cinnamon Bun Oreos
-a Super Mario calendar
-a Reptar POP! vinyl figure (FYE Exclusive holding Reptar Cereal!)
-a 32 inch smart TV

From my neighbor:
-a red flashlight
-a plaid pair of Cuddl Duds pajama bottoms

From my boyfriend:
-2 beanies (1 Super Mario and 1 The Flash)
-a Santa hat Pikachu plush
-Fire Emblem Warriors special edition

From Friends:
-a Drifloon PokéPlush
-a Togedemaru PokéPlush
-an Alolan Marowak pin
-a black and red heathered hoodie with The Flash logo

Stocking Stuffers: (I think I'm forgetting some other candy here right now)
-a box of Merry Mix Mike and Ike's
-a box of Cotton Candy Mike and Ike's
-a box of Swedish Fish
-4 Ring Pops (three cherry, and one sour cherry)
-a stick of cherry Lifesavers
-a "Rainbow Fish" zip pouch (the outside pattern looks like it has rainbow-y fish scales)
-a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer magnetic notepad
-a bag of microwave popcorn
-a tube of toothpaste
-a disposable battery-powered toothbrush
-a DIY wooden airplane toy

See ya! ;)

26 December 2016 @ 11:07 pm
Hello hello! Welcome back to your favorite (and only) annual post that I do!

If anyone ever still pops in here other than me, hope you had a nice Christmas~ Ours was a bit crazy due to the fact that my dad was still in the hospital from his surgery he had on the 22nd. But he did get released that day, so he was able to celebrate the holiday at home with everyone. :)

Anyways, onto the list!

Video Games (and other accessories):
-Pokémon Sun
-Yo-Kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits (Amazon messed up my parents' order and sent Fleshy Souls by mistake, which I already had. So I have to wait a bit longer for this one.)
-a Luigi amiibo (Super Mario series)

-The Good Dinosaur
-Elf (I could've swore I used to own this years ago, but I was looking for it last year and couldn't find it anywhere in the house. So my mom got me a copy. :D)

Other Things:
-a pair of yoga pants
-a pair of gray exercise pants
-a pair of red penguin pajama bottoms
-a pair of jeans
-a royal blue long sleeve t-shirt
-a pink "Snow Day" t-shirt
-a pack of 7 pairs of socks
-a pair of black touchscreen gloves
-a gray Columbia polar fleece
-a box of Cap'n Crunch's Christmas Crunch cereal
-a pack of Cinnamon Bun Oreos (been wanting to try these for months!)
-a Pixar calendar
-a portable DVD Reader/Writer for my Macbook

From my neighbor:
-a blue plaid blanket

From my boyfriend:
-Minecraft: Wii U Edition
-Moana: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
-the Animal Crossing 3-Pack Amiibo set (K.K. Slider, Cyrus, & Reese)
-"You Are My Merry Little Christmas" book by Joyce Wan (This thing is incredibly adorable and sweet~ ♥)

From Friends (to be updated later):
-a Lapras PokéDoll
-a Goomy PokéPlush wearing a Pikachu hat

Stocking Stuffers:
-a pack of 3 pairs of socks
-2 pairs of underwear
-a box of Italian Ice Mike and Ike's
-2 Ring Pops (one cherry, and one sour cherry)
-a pack of Fun Dip
-1 Airhead
-a pack of Butterscotch Krimpets
-a bag of Lay's potato chips
-a bag of potato sticks
-a bag/bowl of microwave popcorn
-a tube of toothpaste
-a disposable battery-powered toothbrush
-a Kicks Animal Crossing amiibo

See ya! ;)

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10 May 2016 @ 08:58 pm
So a new generation of Pokémon games will be upon us come November, the 18th to be specific. We found out about the new titles back in February thanks to an internet leak of new copyrighted logos, but today was the first time we got trailers of the gameplay, including the starters and legendaries!

Click for the deets and my theoriesCollapse )

See ya! ;)

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23 January 2016 @ 09:01 pm
Hey guys! I think this is the latest I've ever waited to write up this post. XD; Christmas 2015 was a very lovely holiday this year. I enjoyed it muchly~

Anyways, here's the list for the year!

Video Games:
-Yo-Kai Watch

-Big Hero 6
-Happy Feet

-Animated Storytelling: Simple Steps For Creating Animation & Motion Graphics (this is a book written by my old college professor! :D)
-A coloring book for the Disney/Pixar movie Inside Out

Other Things:
-a $15 Amazon giftcard
-a POP Vinyl figure of The Flash (TV show version)
-a calendar of The Big Bang Theory
-a box of Cap'n Crunch's Christmas Crunch cereal
-a box of Holiday Sprinkles Cookie Crisp cereal (the first time I've EVER been able to try Cookie Crisp! They've never made a non-chocolate chip version until now!)
-2 pairs of yoga pants
-a sports bra
-a purple camisole
-a pair of blue velour-like pants
-3 long sleeve shirts
-a winter cap, scarf, & glove set
-a pair of plaid pajama bottoms

From my neighbor:
-a pair of snowflake pajama bottoms

From my boyfriend:
-a Princess Zelda amiibo
-Bayonetta 2 (he didn't get to order it before it sold out EVERYWHERE after her SSB4 reveal announcement happened in December, so we're waiting until the reprint in February to get it)

From friends (not sure why I never did this till now):
-The Lego Movie
-a Krispy Kreme Dulce de Leche scented candle
-a pack of Pokémon TCG cards
-a pack of cinnamon snowman graham crackers
-a purple narwhal plushie
-a Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Pokédex strategy guide
-a $20 Nintendo eShop card
-a gaming-themed air freshener for my car
-3 stacks of Oreos (which I gave out to family & friends that like chocolate since he apparently forgot that I don't XD;)

Stocking Stuffers:
-2 boxes of "Alex's Lemonade Stand" Mike and Ike's
-2 cherry Ring Pops
-2 cherry limeade Ring Pops
-a bag of fruity Tootsie Rolls
-a pack of 5 Christmas-themed buttons
-a maroon winter cap
-a yellow camisole
-a pair of black texting gloves with purple fingertips
-a holiday scratch-off card
-a tube of toothpaste
-a tube of hand moisturizer
-a striped cosmetics bag

See ya! ;)

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06 January 2015 @ 02:38 pm
Hey guys! Back to failing at life when it comes to blogging...except for these annual posts. XD; I honestly don't know why this is the only thing I actually make time for every year. Guess it's just a handy way for me to see how long I've been putting off playing certain games that I got as gifts at this point. ^^;

Anyways, you know the drill by now. LET'S GO!

Video Games (and other accessories):
-Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
-$10 Nintendo eShop card (which I used to buy Earthbound :D)
-2 Amiibo figures (Pikachu and Yoshi)

-Guardians of the Galaxy
-How I Met Your Mother (season 7)
-Psych (season 6)

-The Walking Dead (volume 9)

Other Things:
-2 camisoles
-2 tank tops
-2 long sleeve shirts
-1 pair of yoga pants
-1 pair of nice pants
-1 pair of snowflake pajama bottoms
-a box of Christmas Crunch (which is a holiday themed version of Cap'n Crunch!)
-a Pixar 2015 calendar (which is awesome because it includes tons of storyboard art/character designs!)
-a purple throw blanket

From my neighbor:
-a pair of slipper socks

Stocking stuffers:
-3 pairs of underwear
-2 pairs of wintery socks
-a pair of toaster tongs
-a purple Tervis tumbler cup lid (since my mom ordered me a cup for graduation that arrived without a lid, but instead they sent a whole new cup instead of just a lid. Double the cups, double the fun! :P)
-a purple zip-up coin purse
-a holiday scratch-off card
-a stick of lip balm
-a tube of hand moisturizer
-a pink breast cancer Pilot G-2 pen
-a Walking Dead wind up toy of Glenn
-a How I Met Your Mother button that says, "It's going to be LEGEN-wait for it-DARY"
-a bag of "Awesome Reds" Jolly Ranchers
-a box of "Alex's Lemonade Stand" Mike and Ikes
-a cherry Ring Pop
-a box of Barnum's animal crackers

See ya! ;)

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12 January 2014 @ 12:32 pm
Happy New Year guys! As per usual, I don't post nearly enough on this journal. But at least I managed to remember to do this annual post (despite it being ridiculously late :P).

Here's the fun goodies I got this year~

Video Games:
-Pokémon Y
-The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

-Monsters University
-Mystery Team
-Role Models
-It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (season 7)
-Modern Family (season 3)

-Scott Pilgrim Color Edition (volumes 3 & 4)
-A Daybook of Positive Thinking: Daily Affirmations of Gratitude and Happiness

Other Things:
-a pink & khaki plaid shirt
-a solid navy raglan shirt
-a purple sweater
-2 different pairs of touch screen compatible gloves
-a Legend of Zelda 2014 calendar
-a pack of multi-colored styluses for tablets/phones
-a paperweight shaped like a block of gold
-a bomb-shaped speaker for mp3 players
-a magnetic puzzle thingy
-a coin that promotes procrastination XD (it's called a TUIT and has a description on the back that gets you to realize you "Got a round TUIT," or that you'll "Get around to it.")
-a pack of holiday-colored Goldfish
-an 8GB USB flash drive
-a 32GB MicroSD card

From my neighbor:
-a scarf
-a tube of purple hand sanitizer

Stocking Stuffers:
-a purple polka dotted cosmetic zip pouch
-a purple heart keyring
-a little bottle of cucumber melon fragrance spray
-a little container of Advil
-a pink polka dotted tape measure
-a comb
-a toothbrush
-a pack of 6 paperclips
-a cupcake holder container
-a pack of Luden's cough drops
-2 Ring Pops
-a pack of Lifesavers
-a Jumbo Push Pop (cherry lemonade flavored!)
-a pack of Fruity Tootsie Rolls
-2 packs of Fun Dip
-a little pack of holiday-colored Goldfish
-a large Rice Krispie Treat

See ya! ;)

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29 January 2013 @ 09:04 pm
So 3 weeks ago, the big news dropped: generation six is on its way! And I must say, it looks like it's gonna be DAMN spiffy based on the trailer.

So basically, I'm gonna squee and speculate and point out some things that I'm worried/nervous about for the future of these games and, well, the franchise itself.

Ramblings of a self-proclaimed Pokénerd~Collapse )

See ya! ;)

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28 December 2012 @ 12:33 pm

And what better way to celebrate than to read my annual list of all the Christmas gifts I got? :P

Video Games:
-Paper Mario: Sticker Star
-Kid Icarus: Uprising
-Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask
-Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition

DVDs/Blu-rays: (That's right, my first time owning Blu-rays! I don't have my own Blu-ray player yet though, so fortunately the copies of these I got were DVD/Blu-ray combo packs.)
-Captain America: The First Avenger
-Cars 2
-Psych (Season 5)

-The Night Before Christmas (a jumbo sized, hardcover edition that has adorable artwork in it :D)
-The Walking Dead (Volume 5)

-2 camisoles
-a pair of pajama bottoms
-a purple cardigan
-a pair of jeans
-a large silver purse
-a Yoshi hinge wallet (which is super awesome and can be seen here)
-a Big Bang Theory 2013 calendar
-a box of Mini Cinnamon Churros cereal (never had it before, but it looks tasty~ ♥)
-an Auntie Anne's At-Home Pretzel Baking Kit (so stoked for this, I love their cinnamon pretzels!)
-a Tiki-themed puzzle with 2 shot glasses (I have no clue if the intention is for you to put this puzzle together while drinking shots, but it looks like fun XP)

From my neighbor:
-a bag of Munchos
-3 pairs of fuzzy purple socks

Stocking Stuffers:
-a DVD of Turner & Hooch (one of my favorite Tom Hanks movies of all time :D)
-a tube of Gold Bond
-a Chapstick
-a toothbrush
-a mini flashlight
-a scratch-off ticket
-a Christmas-y Sudoku book
-a deck of Monopoly Deal cards
-a bag of Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos (FYI, these things are god-like, but they're practically impossible to find around here)
-a roll of Lifesavers
-a pack of Starbursts
-a container of flavored Tootsie Rolls
-2 Ring Pops
-2 packets of Duncan Hines frosting flavor mix
-a slice of Entenmann's pound cake
-a pack of Butterscotch Krimpets
-a box of Animal Crackers
-a bottle of Kernel Season's popcorn seasoning

See ya! ;)

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20 February 2012 @ 10:17 pm
I'm making a post again? OH SNAP! It's been awhile guys.

These past couple of months have been pretty crazy for me in terms of change. The biggest of all being my stance on drinking. Well, personally anyway. My general opinion of it has always been the same: If you do it, I don't knock you for it; But if you're ridiculous about it, get the hell away from me. I've had PLENTY of negative experiences with my mom over-drinking, and that REALLY turned me off from the idea of me drinking. I never wanted to try it, never had any desire to try it, and never had any reason to try it. Not to mention that anytime I got a whiff of my dad's beer or my mom's wine, it always smelled DISGUSTING. The whole idea of me trying it was always a huge turn off for me, so I insisted that I'd never ever EVER do it and just be straight edge for my entire life.

But now, here I am: I'm officially considered a drinker. I only do it in groups or for special occasions though. I'm not the type to just drink it all the time in a routine manner like my parents do. And there's absolutely no reason for me to ever need or want to become like that. So I think I've set a reasonable limit on myself, and I fully intend to stick by it. It's been working well so far, so I don't ever see myself breaking it.

Recollection of the wedding I went to this past weekendCollapse )

See ya! ;)


P.S. If anybody knows the reference I made in the title of this post, kudos, you're just as big of a dork as me. XP
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This Christmas is one of the best I've had in recent years, I must say (minus the lack of snow of course, because that's just upsetting). Not just because of the gifts or anything like that, but the atmosphere. My brother's girlfriend just recently moved to an apartment in Connecticut because she got hired at ESPN. (Pretty fucking exciting guys, amirite? So proud of her.) Since she's so far away from her family (they originally lived in Pennsylvania, but a couple years ago they moved to North Carolina) and since she got lucky and got Christmas Eve and Christmas off, she ended up spending the holiday with us. :) The last time we had anyone other than the 4 of us and my neighbor here for Christmas was when we had a HUGE Christmas shindig with all of my dad's side of the family from the Bahamas AND my grandmother and her husband from my mom's side of the family. These photos don't even exist on our computer, so I'm gonna spitball it and say that happened in 2000 or 2001 (more likely 2000, because I'm pretty sure my maternal grandmother died in 2001). So yeah, 11 years... It's been a long ass time. Anyways, things got switched up a bit because of this. Unlike what we've been doing for the past few years, we had Christmas dinner the day before Christmas instead of the day after. And Christmas morning, we ate breakfast first. Normally my brother and I open our gifts, we have breakfast, and then my parents open theirs. But everything else was standard fare: we pigged out on tons of snacks and opened gifts in the afternoon with our neighbor, and at night we opened our stocking stuffers.

Now the part that I know at least one person reads every year...the list of awesome shit I got! :D LETS-A-GO!:

Video Games:

- The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
- Kirby's Return to Dreamland
- A NINTENDO MOTHERFUCKING 3DS BITCHES!!! Been waiting so long to get one of these in my hands. mizunosakura kept trying to sway me into getting one at the Pokémon Rumble Blast event back in October at Nintendo World, but I was stubborn and survived and it was ALLLLL WORTH IT.
- Tetris Axis
- Mario Kart 7


- The Big Bang Theory (Season 4)
- Modern Family (Season 1)
- Jingle All the Way

Books: (I haven't done this category in a long time! I stopped asking for books in 2007, but I decided to do it again this year.)

- Pokémon Adventures (Volumes 13 & 14)
- Pokémon Black and White (Volumes 1 & 2)


- 2 camisoles
- a journal (it hasn't arrived yet, so my mom wrote a note about it instead XP)
- an iPod dock with speakers
- a Super Mario 2012 calendar
- a bag of Munchos

From my brother's girlfriend:

- a Bazinga t-shirt (from the Big Bang Theory, but different from the one my parents got me for Easter, which had Sheldon's face on it)
- an ESPN tumbler cup (with an AWESOME red swirly straw! When I poured milk into it, it looked like peppermint candy! :D Also, it's not in their catalogue yet, so only people who work there can buy it.)

From my neighbor:

- a bag of Munchos
- a candycane (in a felt snowman candycane holder :3)
- a scarf
- $50

Stocking Stuffers:

- a pen
- 2 Charms lollipops
- 2 Ring Pops
- a pack of Fun Dip
- a pack of Butterscotch Krimpets
- a pack of Animal Crackers
- 2 holiday scratch-offs
- a 4GB cow USB drive
- a cow keyring with LED light (and it moos! :D)
- a keyring with my name on it
- a Ty Beanie Baby keyring of Twitch the guinea pig

See ya! ;)

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18 November 2011 @ 12:34 pm
So yesterday I ended up going on another one of my Rockman.EXE highs that tend to crop up every few months or so. And I gotta say, it's always fun jumping around from one site to the next just stumbling upon cool shit that I didn't know about. For instance, somebody posted a bunch of links to different versions of the theme songs over here. (There's a handful of fanmade remixes too, most of which are MIDIs, but they sound kinda cool.) Even though it's low quality rip from a video online, it was pretty awesome to find out that there IS a full version of "Piece of Peace." (It's not one of my favorites or anything, but lots of people wanted a full version. All I want is a full version of "Futatsu no Mirai" to be honest.)

Oh, and another thing? After YEARS of waiting for someone to sub it entirely in some way, shape, or form, I found a Youtube sub of Axess 42. To anyone who has ever been in this fandom, you should be well aware of which episode this is without me even saying what it's about. (But since this is me, of course I'm going to say what it is and babble about it. XP) It's that Netto/Meiru shipping episode that all of the fangirls have squeed over for years, but never fully understood since a proper sub never came out. Sure, with a show this simple, it's not too difficult to get the gist of what's going on, but we shippers NEED the little details. And I must say, I was extremely pleased by the little details that I didn't pick up on till now. ♥

Little snippet from the end of the episodeCollapse )

Aside from those things, just seeing and hearing everything again was a nice little nostalgia trip for me. I'm probably gonna end up watching a couple of episodes when I go home this weekend. ...Maybe even dub episodes. XD God, the dub really is so bad, but I can't help but love it. It'll always have a special place in my heart since it was the only thing I could watch until I finally had access to the Japanese episodes.

Oh, and speaking of random things I stumbled upon, I was surprised to finally see that some Netto/Enzan and Enzan/Meiru fanvids exist. I remembered looking those pairings up a couple years ago and found nothing for them. Sure, these videos are just those crappy slideshows set to sappy pop music with those obnoxious heart-shaped transitions and flashing colors that we all know and love about crappy shipping slideshows. But at least they exist now, filling that void for anyone who's ever shipped either pairing. But watching those seriously makes me want to attempt to take up fanvidding again for this series. (A long time ago, I attempted to make a shipping vid, but I wasn't happy enough with the result, so I deleted it.) There aren't enough good vids out there for this series, and that needs to be remedied.

See ya! ;)

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22 September 2011 @ 10:47 pm
So.... Looks like I'm in the mood to babble about my shows tonight. LET'S DO THIS.

How I Met Your Mother - 7x01 & 7x02Collapse )

Modern Family - 3x01 & 3x02Collapse )

Community - 3x01Collapse )

The Big Bang Theory - 5x01 & 5x02Collapse )

If I start doing a bunch of posts like this again like I used to, I guess Community and Modern Family will be getting their own tags pretty soon, instead of being lumped into "random fandoms" like I've been doing so far. :P

See ya! ;)

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22 September 2011 @ 12:33 pm
This poll is closed.

Which show should I watch tonight? The Big Bang Theory or Community?

The Big Bang Theory
Both! (3x01 Community, then 5x02 TBBT)
Neither! (If you pick this, your taste in TV is bad and you should FEEL bad.)

CHOOSE FOR ME, BECAUSE I'M INCAPABLE OF CHOOSING FOR MYSELF. (Shawn & Gus can't believe it either. *points to icon*)

TBBT is having an hour-long premier tonight, which means TWO EPISODES of geeky goodness. But but but...COMMUNITYYYYYYY. T_T I miss the gang dearly after not watching any episodes since May/June when I marathoned seasons 1 & 2. So logically I should just watch them both. But I'm one of those people who absolutely HAS to watch episodes in order. So if I did that, I'd feel like I'm missing something while watching 5x02 of TBBT because I was busy watching Community while 5x01 was airing.

God, I hate how fucking indecisive I am, I really do. </3
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So I figured I should do a big update post based on what I've tweeted about over the past 2 months, because that's the only way I seem to remember what I've done over long periods of time. Oh, and just because I don't want my last LJ post to be only about Tom Hanks movies on the off chance that I die in the hurricane tomorrow.

WARNING: I went off on TONS of tangents in here, so there's really no focused topic like what my posts usually have. So read at your own risk. XD;Collapse )

Okay... So remind me to never do something like this for a post ever again. It took me wayyyyy too long to write all of this out. XD;

See ya! ;)

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What’s your favorite Tom Hanks movie or character, and why?

Saw this question a few days ago on LJ's homepage and was intrigued by it. I didn't have the time to write about it till now though, so here we go~

Since I couldn't remember all of the movies I've seen with Tom Hanks in it, I went on IMDB, and here's my list:

Turner & Hooch
Joe Versus the Volcano
Sleepless in Seattle
Forrest Gump
Toy Story (1, 2, 3)
You've Got Mail
Cast Away
The Terminal

The obvious favorite for someone my age is his role as Woody in the Toy Story series. And hey, Woody IS one of my favorite character roles that he's done. But I also LOVED Tom Hanks in Turner & Hooch. His interactions with the dog, Hooch, were hilarious and heartwarming. :) And funny enough, back when Pixar was making their design for Woody, they knew that Tom Hanks had to voice him, so they made a beta-clip of Woody that was saying Hanks' lines from Turner & Hooch. The result was really funny, and you can see it in the documentary, "The Pixar Story." (You can view this clip here at around 6:12.)

I also enjoyed Forrest Gump, Cast Away, and The Terminal. And You've Got Mail is one of those cheesy classics that I feel like everyone should watch at least once, but that's probably just me. (My mom and I were considering watching it the other night, only to realize that we never bought it on DVD, just VHS!) And I'd say more about Joe Versus the Volcano and Sleepless in Seattle if I remembered more about them. I think I watched those when I was like 10 or something, so my memory is pretty foggy about those two. XD;

See ya! ;)

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25 June 2011 @ 02:32 am
I'm not sure if it's totally obvious or not, but I'm a person who likes to brag about things. And one of the things I like to brag about is my collection of Pokémon stuff. More specifically, my Pokémon games. Why? Because although there are definitely other people out there like me who own all of the games to date, I bet most of them don't have all of the game boxes and stuff saved like I have. Let's take a look at the colorful history of the games in picspam form, shall we?

Because I've always wanted an excuse to title an LJ-cut this... HM 01Collapse )

See ya! ;)


P.S. Check out my mood! It's one that I've never used before! But I feel it's appropriate. ;)
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11 June 2011 @ 01:30 pm
So I went through my most recent posts, and apparently I've been promising to write something real for a year...LITERALLY A YEAR. (I posted on June 9th, 2010, and it's June 11th, 2011 today. XD;) Needless to say, a real post has been WAY overdue.

Sooooo...what's changed from now since a year ago? Well, first of all is that I finished up my sophomore year of college. And compared to freshman year, this one was TONS better. My roommate is the shit (a much needed improvement in my life after my previous roommates last year), and my two suitemates are chill people. We're all dorming again this year, so that works. :) But my roommate might not be able to stay in our dorm after the fall semester due to money issues, so I'll be very sad about that if it happens. :(

I also managed to make a friend in one of my classes this year. "...one? Only ONE friend...?" you might ask? Well, I'm not the type of person who likes to have tons of casual friends. I like having a handful of close friends instead. Anyways, it kinda just happened by chance, but I'm glad it did. He's one of the nicest guys I've met in a long time, and I always had a blast whenever he and I hung out outside of class. :) Because of him, I finally got to do what I wanted to do when I skipped prom, which was staying up ridiculously late playing video games with a bunch of people. :P Until now, I've never had the chance to really experience multiplayer gaming at its best because it's always either been a)me and my brother (I dominate him, or he dominates me), or b)me and friends (where I whoop all their asses because they all only play games casually). So being in a room full of guys that take video games seriously was hilarious because of their reactions to winning or losing. The best reactions were definitely from Super Smash Bros. Melee/Brawl and Mario Kart: Double Dash though. "WHO THROWS RED SHELLS BACKWARDS?!" Hahahahaha. ♥ I'm seriously going to miss those nights this year, because as of now, my friend is pretty sure he's not going to be able to come back because he's also having money issues. And what sucks the most is that he lives in NY, so we can't even hang out or anything that easily. :'( I've been missing him like WOAH ever since school ended last month because we got pretty close and saw each other pretty much every day by the end of the school year. As of now, he and I are going to meet up at Six Flags at some point this summer (most likely in a couple weeks or so), so I've been really looking forward to that. :D But after that...I don't know how things are going to work out. And I really hate thinking about it. T_T

Now I'm going to dump the rest of what's been going on under LJ-cuts because this post is getting very long:

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NOW I think I've covered everything. This post has so many tags. XD; Now I'm off to keep myself amused until it's time for me to head off to tonight's Patent Pending show with my two friends~

See ya! ;)

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27 March 2011 @ 01:41 am
Patent Pending's latest music video, featuring their anti-suicide song "One Less Heart to Break," premiered on mtvU earlier today.

This video is simply amazing, and it is trying to reach out to anyone who has ever felt that ending their life is the answer to their problems. That should NEVER be the answer. But if you or anyone you know honestly feels that way, you should find someone that your or your loved ones can talk with to get through it. This message is important and needs to be spread. We are not alone.

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16 March 2011 @ 11:22 pm
So since Pokémon Black & White are all the rage, I figured I'd make a post about both the games and the animé. (Complete with a small dosage of shipping talk because this is me, and when do I NOT have something to say about shipping? XD)


LONG ASS POST IS LONG. And will probably be edited tomorrow with screencaps or something for cuteness and lulz.

See ya! ;)

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