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Pokémon DP101

It's been awhile since I've done an episode rant for anything, hasn't it?

Anyways, I just watched the subbed episode a few hours ago (#PocketMonsters has been consistently subbing episodes for the past 6-8 weeks or so ♥), so now I must squee about the awesomeness of Jun. :D

Oh, and since there wasn't any awesome Jun/Hikari stuff, now I don't have to worry about ditching Hikari/Kouhei. HeatTagShipping has prevailed! XD

I originally attempted to do a mini summary before my thoughts like I did for the last rant, but once I realized that I was going into too much detail by having 2 whole paragraphs talking about the first 5-6 minutes of the episode, I decided to give that up and just jump to my opinions and whatnot. XD;

Jun was handled FABULOUSLY. He's EXACTLY like how he is in the games, and I'm grateful to the writers for that. He kept demanding people to do certain things within 10 seconds, which was one of the things he says in the games. However, the childhood friend thing was kinda cut out. Hikari was aware of who he was, saying that she saw him at a festival singing loudly with an Exploud. But Jun didn't know her from Twinleaf Town. He only remembered seeing her lose to Satoshi and Shinji in the finals of the Tag Battle Tournament in Hearthome City. And another animé!only change is that he wants to be strong like Shinji, which bothers Satoshi.

The battle that Satoshi had with Jun wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Satoshi beat Jun's Staraptor with his Chimchar (which Jun immediately recognized as once being Shinji's Chimchar and thinks Satoshi traded a Pokémon for it, when in actuality, Shinji abandoned it and Satoshi caught it). Then Jun beat Satoshi's Chimchar with his Roserade. Then they both lost a round when Jun's Roserade and Satoshi's Gliscor knocked each other out. Then the final match was Satoshi's Pikachu versus Jun's Empoleon, and Pikachu got a cheap win by surviving the Hyper Beam and taking out Empoleon while it couldn't attack.

But the good news is that Jun is coming back next week to watch Satoshi's battle with Melissa! :D

...but I still don't like the writers for mocking me with her. She has the same name as me, wears PURPLE, and uses PURPLE Pokémon. THAT'S SO CRUEL OF THEM! T~T

See ya! ;)

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