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Several Random Rants (Real Life, New Episodes, etc.)

Anyways, I was out shopping today, and I couldn't believe how many DVD box sets of TV shows there are that I want. I think this is the most it's ever been for me. @_@ For animated shows, there were like 5 or 6, and then there were probably another 4 or 5 for regular shows, and then there were a couple of movies too. And now I can't remember what all of them were so that I can put them on my Christmas list. XD

For my own purposes, I'm going to make a list of the ones that I can remember so I can work on my list later.

Animated Shows:
  • Avatar: the Last Airbender - Season 1 (Do I need to explain why? :P)

  • Naruto - Vol. 1 Uncut (because we all ♥ the original Japanese :D)

  • .hack// Legend of the Twilight - Complete Collection (such an awesome series)
  • .hack// SIGN - Complete Collection (I have yet to watch this)

  • Love Hina - Complete Collection (because we all ♥ Keitaro and his perverted ways XD)

  • Love Hina Movies - Complete Collection (because anything Love Hina is kick more of stupid Keitaro XP)

  • Fullmetal Alchemist (the 3rd tin with the 3rd OST. I have the 2nd tin, but not the 1st.)

  • IGPX - Vol. 2 Uncut (because it's been months since I last got to watch this series)

Regular Shows:
  • Lost - Season 2 (because it's easy to forget things that previously happened on this show XP)

  • How I Met Your Mother - Season 1 (because I MUST see all of these episodes!)

  • Dead Like Me - Seasons 1 & 2 (because I've grown to be addicted to this series)

  • My Name is Earl - Season 1 (I know this show is funny, but I've never remembered to watch it, so I at least want some DVDs of it)

  • Monk - Season 1 (or any of the other seasons because I haven't seen a lot of episodes and I really want to)

  • Click (because I liked this movie and Adam Sandler pwns)

  • High School Musical (because it looked like a good movie, and I completely missed the TV airings of it when they were so frequent >_<)

So parents definately couldn't buy that many DVDs for me at once. XD But since my birthday is only about a month later, they use the list as ideas for what to get for that too. :)

Now it's time for the episode rants. w00t! XD

You should know the drill about the spoilers and all by now, right?

Avatar 2x17

It was a little difficult for me to wait until yesterday to see the TV broadcast because Nick accidentally leaked the episode out on TurboNick, and somebody posted a copy of it, which I downloaded. However, I managed to stop myself. I think the wait for the episode made the excitement for it build up too much, so it was a bit of a let down for me.

Anyways, things just keep getting weirder in this season. In the lake, there's this secret underwater base type thing where people are being brainwashed to think that everything is peaceful and safe in Ba Sing Se. Unfortunately, Jet was one of those people, so when he finally remembered what had happened to him with the help of the gang, the dude in charge just said some phrase that makes the person become brainwashed again. And then Aang saved Jet again by causing him to remember the freedom fighters thing he had going on. But then Jet gets his ass kicked by the dude...and I'm not sure if he's badly injured or if he died or what, but things weren't looking good for him.

And then the whole thing where Iroh keeps trying to get Zuko to realize that his destiny should be something other than capturing the Avatar caused Zuko to free Appa (who was chained up in the underwater base) without trying to catch Aang. And Iroh had Zuko toss his kick ass Blue Spirit mask into the lake. I'm so going to miss him in that identity with his awesome sword wielding skills. T_T And totally random: his hair looks so much like Jet's now. O_o I really miss his ponytail from season 1. Oh why did you have to cut it off Zuko!? *sigh*

Ryuusei no Rockman

I haven't made any posts about this yet, so now I am. :) When I saw the first episode, I wanted to cry because it was completely different from the Rockman.EXE series and I wasn't really liking the whole space-related theme. Then episode 2 was better, showing WarRock fighting some other FM (the equivalent of RM.EXE's NetNavis in a way) and 3 of Subaru's classmates: Luna...and I forget the names of the other 2 because they're not that important right now. ^^; Then episode 3 made things interesting because Subaru got to hook up with WarRock, and they had to get ready to fight some denpa viruses (denpa = radio wave, but that sounds stupid so I'm going to stick with the Japanese phrase).

Then episode 4 finally showed off Subaru and WarRock's first battle in their combined form: Rockman! :D I find it quite hysterical how WarRock (who morphs into the Rock Buster in that form) ends up eating the BattleCards (equivalent of RM.EXE's BattleChips) in order to use them. XD So yeah, then Subaru saves the day, and Luna is all blushing 'n stuff because he saved her. And when she asks him what his name is, Subaru starts to say his name, but WarRock interrupts with a few coughs, and then Subaru says his name is Rock, which is how he ends up being called Rockman in that form because one of the police people keeps calling him that.

And episode 5, which is only out on YouTube at the moment, was just Subaru getting used to being merged with WarRock in the radio wave world. And Luna was still blushing, thinking about the mysterious Rockman. And there was another virus battle. And there were these other random parts with this one guy, but I didn't really get what was going on because it was mostly just talking, so that stuff was boring for me. God...I wish there was someone who'd fansub this series, but I doubt that will be happening anytime soon. Since REO isn't covering the Ryuusei series (so she probably won't fansub it through her fansub group: Puku Anime), and WPP isn't even done with RM.EXE Axess or started on RM.EXE Stream (unless if the April Fools sub of episode 1 counts), and I doubt they'll want to do the Ryuusei series. *sigh*

Phew! Finally done with this extremely long post.

See ya! ;)

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