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We should've had an early dismissal from school, but because the idiot who decides whether or not that happens is a complete retard, we were there the whole day. D: And it ticks me off because some schools in towns that are bordering ours got out early today. So it sucked for me when I walked home because everything was all slushy and gross on the sidewalks and streets by that point. But at least everything else is all prettiful right now. :)

Now I'm off to play AC:CF since I really need to catch up after a week of not playing. I wonder how many weeds appear after one week... Meh, probably not too many, but I'm still curious.

Also, happy belated-by-1-day 1 year anniversary WSA! :D

See ya! ;)

Tags: animal crossing, real life, ryuusei no rockman

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