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Happy New Year! :D

I haven't been posting much due to an annoying virus that's been on my computer for a few weeks, but didn't get worse until a few days ago when I tried to get rid of it. My dad and I looked it up and found a few ways to get rid of it, but almost all of them have you delete your backup history. This isn't good since the computer could crash and then we wouldn't have a point that we could restore the computer to, so we'd have to rebuild everything from scratch. However, I copied all of the files I wanted to keep onto the external hard drive that we bought on Black Friday, so if something goes wrong, I probably won't lose much since it's plugged in through a USB port. But that's enough for now of that boring computer gibberish, ne?

Moving on, I beat the storyline in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia the other day. And I finished doing the extra stuff, such as the quests, the Capture Arena, and completing the browser, so now I've got nothing left to do except for waiting for 3 more extra missions to be released through WiFi. That probably won't happen until February though since the 3 missions that are downloadable right now will be gone after January 31st. However, since you can't get any Pokémon for Diamond/Pearl/Platinum by playing the last 3 missions, NoA or PUSA might just decide to not release those quests, so who knows.

Anyways, my family and I went to NYC on Tuesday, so I got some more goodies from my two favorite stores to shop at while we're there. At the NBC Store, I got a Psych snowglobe, a Psych keychain, and a Psych magnet. I almost bought one of the mugs they were selling for The Office, but I'm sure they'll still be there the next time we go, so I decided not to get one. I thought about getting the one with Andy on it, but the Stanley and Angela ones were pretty funny. There was also this hilarious shirt of Michael where he says, "I can't believe how BIG it is!" and on the back it said, "That's what she said." XD But there was only one left, and it was in XL, so if I had gotten it, I would've had to use it as a night shirt. I wouldn't have minded that, but there was a pinkish smudge near the right shoulder, so I figured it would be better to just get it another time in the right size and without any damages. But yeah, then at the Nintendo World Store, I got 4 new Pokémon figurines (Turtwig, Piplup, Luxray, and an updated version of Eevee which is significantly different from the original version), a Mudkip Pokédoll, a Red Pikmin plushie (leaf stage), a Mario Kart Wii t-shirt, and 2 packs of Super Mario Galaxy trading cards. I was planning on buying a cute little Yoshi plushie after seeing the super awesome pink Yoshi that Jen got a few months ago, but they didn't have the purple one, which made me sad. :( They had all of the other colors except for purple and orange, so I'm hoping that there might be one the next time I'm there.

Anyways, there's not much else for me to say. I still need to try out most of the Wii games I got for Christmas, I'm behind in AC:CF again (and I'll be forced to time travel for the New Years Eve/Day stuff), and I'm trying to do some Tweaking in order to get Shaymin. I'm only doing it in my Pearl version though since I don't want to risk messing up and losing all of my save data in Diamond. So far, I've managed to get 7 game freezes and 1 invisible wall, so I just need to keep trying and hopefully I'll get the black void eventually. If you've ever heard of the Surf glitch that's available in early copies of the Japanese versions of Diamond & Pearl, it's kinda like that, but many more steps are involved.

See ya! ;)

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