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Oh man. This episode was made of win. ♥ I must squee about it now while it's still fresh in my mind.

The Shawn/Lassiter fans are squeeing like mad over at psych_slash right now, and trust me, there is a LOT to be happy for. Namely the "former lovers" bit towards the end of the episode. But there were plenty of other things too, such as Lassie wearing Shawn's shirt. XD

But what I want to know is WHY AREN'T THE LASSITER/JULIET FANS IN A RIOT RIGHT NOW? There were SO many awesome hints for that ship as well. Lassiter was TOTALLY jealous at the thought of Juliet getting a replacement for him. And Juliet kept insisting how Lassiter is her partner and that the other guy was only temporary.

There was also a tad bit of Shawn/Gus, with Gus being seemingly jealous of Shawn chatting up Juliet. And, in my opinion, the bit where Juliet was saying how Lassiter is her partner, and then saying Gus is Shawn's partner and what would he do if something happened to him. All of that came off as shippy for Shawn/Gus and Lassiter/Juliet when taken at more than just face value. The tone she said it in also seemed kinda serious to me, which is why I want to believe there was hidden meaning to her statement.

Also, YAY FOR BUZZ! :D We haven't seen him in FOREVS MAN. He was so adorable around Lassiter in this episode. :3 I swear, he must have a man crush on Lassie or something. XD

See ya! ;)

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