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Finally done

I'm all caught up with my shows, which means I have something to look forward to again on Mondays and Thursdays. Yay! :D

Oh man, so much stuff has happened this season (but it would take WAY too long for me to list it all here). Andy finally found out about Angela's affair with Dwight, and it nearly broke my heart to him so upset like that. But I have to say, the "duel" for Angela was amazing.

Also, can I point out how f*cking hilarious the beginning of episode 5x13, Stress Relief, was?

I love Dwight's craziness SO MUCH. ♥

This season is just KILLING me with all of the Barney/Robin. I liked this ship WAY before it got popular with the fandom last season with the ultimate B/R episode in the history of the series, so to be in season 4 now, still waiting for them to officially hook up is a little upsetting (but that's just the way things go with all TV shows). Barney has admitted that he does love her though, just not to her face. I'm hoping that he'll finally tell her in this year's season finale, but who knows. If he does, I'm sure that'll be one of the big cliffhangers.

Anyways, here's a video that CBS put together that shows lots of great clips of them together. Some of the clips they used were completely out of context though, such as the whole "Dating friends never works out," quote from 4x12 being used after the quote from 1x14 where Barney explains why they'd be good together.

The writers keep trying to go back to Leonard/Penny, and although I'm not completely opposed to it or anything, it's just tiresome and needs to be put to rest. It didn't work out when they agreed to date, and no matter how much they think they want to try it again, it's not going to change anything.

I really want them to test the waters with Sheldon/Penny, because I've loved the idea of them since the beginning of the series. They're so snarky together, and it's just so wonderful. ♥ If they never do though, at least there's always the fun little interactions they have with each other, such as this:

Also, here's 3 random clips that I liked:

See ya! ;)

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