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It's that time of the week again

Just finished watching Pokémon DP 125.

The episode was pretty retarded for a filler (but Takeshi actually got to do something for a change! GASP! :O). However, the end was rather exciting: Hikari now has her Pokémon Platinum outfit! :D Satoshi and Takeshi got the coat that Lucas wears in Pokémon Platinum too. Satoshi looks kinda like Lucas now because of his trademark red hat, so now I wonder if there are any Fortuneshippers who saw this episode and got ticked off about it. XD;

Next week's episode also looks rather awesome. Satoshi and co. get to meet Candice, and Nozomi is finally returning after a long absence. Woohoo! \o/ According to the Bulbapedia, the last time we saw her was in DP 093, which was during late August/early September last year. So yeah, it's definitely been awhile. XD

...totally random, but I just realized that I missed The Office AGAIN. *sigh* Looks like it's time for me to find a download for it~

See ya! ;)

Tags: pokemon, the office


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