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After procrastinating on doing so for slightly over a year, I finally beat Megaman Starforce 2. IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME SON. Now I can move on and play MMSF3, which I picked up at Gamestop the other day. :) I'm sooo looking forward to new Subaru/Luna awesomeness. Since I'm not sleepy at the moment, I think I'll go ahead and start up the game right now. :) So Jen, expect to see my friend code soon~ X3

Anyways, on Tuesday, Pull the Pin's new album released. :D The only way for me to get a physical copy seems to be if I go to HotTopic, because the only other places I found it were on iTunes, which I don't use, and on Amazon, which only has it in mp3 format. We're going shopping tomorrow, so I'm hoping that when we stop by at the mall, they'll have it. Hopefully it won't be too awkward for me in there. I've only been in there once, and it was just for a Fullmetal Alchemist t-shirt that I never actually ended up wearing. XD;

See ya! ;)

Tags: pull the pin, random fandoms, ryuusei no rockman

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