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MMSF3 impressions so far

MMSF3 is fun so far, and not tedious like some parts of MMSF2 were. MMSF3 has quite a few changes compared to SF1 and SF2, which sort of makes it stand out. It also brought back some elements from the MMBN series, such as cracked panels and other things that I'm failing to remember at the moment. People keep saying that this game is similar to MMBN3. If that's the case, then I'm rather pleased since MMBN3 was the first Megaman game I ever played, and it was the game that really got me into the game series.

Anyways, I just got up to the Alohaha chapter, and based on the Subaru/Luna hints list on WSA, it's the chapter with the most hints (and hopefully, the beach scene that I've been dying to see). So yeah, I'm pretty excited about it. :) Also, completely off topic, but Mode/Vogue is the most adorable wizard ever. :3 It's too bad that she's not a battle wizard like I initially thought she was going to be. I was really hoping that Capcom was finally giving Luna a way to fight with Rockman like Misora has been in all 3 games. Oh well. ^^;

See ya! ;)


EDIT: I JUST SAW THE BEACH SCENE!!! SO. EFFING. CUTE. ♥♥♥ *is a total, flailing spazz right now*
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