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Exciting things~ (But not really)

So, I'm in the last arc of MMSF3 now. I'm surprised by what happened at the end of the previous arc. Although I guess I shouldn't be since it was identical to the end of SF2 with Hollow and Orihime. But maybe I'm surprised since I liked the character, whereas with Hollow, I didn't really give a crap about him. But yeah, I'm keeping this all as vague as possible for anybody that might stumble upon this that hasn't gotten up to this point yet.

Anyways, I'm at the half way mark for my summer college class. Only 3 more classes to go~ I've got a crapload of work I need to get done for next class though. Hopefully I won't die because of it. Speaking of the class, we had a "safer sex workshop" (which translated to WEAR A CONDOM OR YOU'LL END UP LIKE THESE PEOPLE). It was pretty damn amusing to me, to say the least.

OH! And not that any of you care (I'm just posting this for my own purposes as always), but Patent Pending posted 2 of their new songs on their Myspace on Saturday. :D After hearing them play the songs live several times now, I was so excited to finally hear the studio versions of them. I'm SO looking forward to their CD release show on the 25th. My friend and I will get their new album for free AND it'll be our first out-of-state show for them. :D

See ya! ;)

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