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I'm bored right now, but in a pretty good mood today.

At school we had an assembly in the morning that lasted for 2 periods, so that was pretty cool. And compared to all of the other assemblies we've had about racism, sterotyping, and such, this was the best by far. The guy that came in had done psychology and acting, and for his performance, it was a lethal combination. He pretended to be all sorts of different people: a 6-year old with ADD, a gay black football player, a white goth, a girl who was indian and korean, a kid with down syndrome, a suicidal mexican, and a black who liked stuff that people generally don't think of as being black. It was really cool how he got into the voice of all the different kinds of people he portrayed and how he acted just like we'd expect them to do. At the end, he gave out free hugs to people, and a crapload of people went on stage to get a hug, but out of all of those people, most of them probably didn't even care about the meaning behind the assembly, which really ticked me off. However, there was truly one kid who deserved that hug if nobody else could get one, and that kid was crying when he went up to get one. Yes, this guy was so great that he caused a huge emotional impact on a person. So in short: this dude was f*cking amazing.

But anyways, for fandom stuffs, I'm really starting to grow more and more attached to Dead Like Me after watching more and more episodes from my DVDs. Apparently there were only 7 episodes that I hadn't seen yet on SciFi, but I was expecting there'd be more, so I was surprised. I'm starting to watch the entire series over from the beginning till the end because: a)I like Betty in the earlier episodes. :) b)I want to look for hints of George/Mason since I'm starting to like it, kinda like how Roxy/Rube grew on me from scenes in certain episodes. and c)why not rewatch a kick ass show over and over again? ;)

And for Ryuusei no Rockman (which I posted about once or twice here I think), somebody is fansubbing episodes, so now I can finally see if I'll enjoy the series more now that I'll be able to understand more than bits and pieces of what the hell everyone is saying. XD The show still isn't nearly as good as Rockman.EXE was (the art in this is so...flat. They really need to consider more shading, and make more interesting stuff happen.), but I'm willing to put up with it because sometimes I'll hate a new episode, but the one next week I'll like a whole lot.

See ya! ;)

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