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The obligatory Christmas post

I hope everyone had a good Christmas this year! :D I was expecting mine to be a little lackluster this year for some unknown reason, but it ended up being better than I thought. :)

As I usually do, here's the recap of the things I got as gifts:

Video Games

- Kirby Super Star Ultra
- The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
- The Legendary Starfy
- New Super Mario Bros. Wii
- Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story


- UP!
- How I Met Your Mother (Season 4)
- Psych (Season 3)
- The Big Bang Theory (Season 2)
- Dodgeball


- Money/checks/gift cards
- Food/candy
- 2 scratch-off lotto tickets
- A metal Slinky Jr.
- A Sudoku book
- An Aussie hair de-frizzer tube thing
- 2 balloon craft kits
- A 2010 calendar of The Office
- A second Shinx plushie (which you can view here)
- A New Super Mario Bros. t-shirt (which you can buy/view here)
- A poster of the U.S. with the liscense plates of all 50 states (which you can buy/view here)

Since there's some stories behind a couple of these gifts, I'll explain those here:

Shinx Plushie - So, awhile ago (probably a year or more by now I guess), I was at Toys R Us or Target (I forget which store) browsing through the Pokémon toys, and I found a Shinx plushie. I adore Shinx, and just HAD to buy it. It's so freaking cute. ♥ I must've just gotten REALLY lucky, because I've never seen that plushie for sale ever since then, and probably for 2 good reasons: 1)it's probably one of the most popular 4th gen Pokémon from what I've noticed online & 2)compared to a majority of the Pokémon plushies that Jakks Pacific have made, this one is very well made. Anyways, after I buy new Pokémon plushies, I normally put them on one of the shelves on my nightstand, but I ended up choosing to sit the little guy on top of my computer monitor, and it's been there ever since. When I started college, my parents took notice of the fact that the plushie looks like it's guarding my computer until I get home on the weekends. XD So apparently, they decided I should have another "protector" for my laptop in my dorm room. So now I'm the proud owner of 2 Shinx plushies. :)

Liscense Plate Poster - One time when my dad and I were out shopping, we stopped at Michael's (I don't remember why), and we were browsing through all of the posters they had like we normally end up doing whenever we've gone there. While looking, I stumbled upon this poster and thought it looked AWESOME. I called my dad over, and he thought it looked great too. I wanted to get it, but then we flipped it over and saw the price and knew that it was way too pricey for a poster, so we put it back. I think I've only mentioned that poster in a conversation once since we saw it, and I never expected to get it. So, needless to say, I was surprised when I unrolled the poster from the tube this morning. It's an extremely high quality print, and the paper is also high quality, so I'd say it's well worth the money. We're planning on hanging it up when I go back to my dorm in a few weeks.

See ya! ;)

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