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Looks like I finally have something to update WSA with for a change. I did a search for Rockman torrents, and I stumbled upon 2 new Subaru/Luna doujins. But of COURSE they're hentai, which means I have to block out the icky stuff. XP But there's some cute images in these, so yay~ This artist always does great work. :)

...and now I wonder how much fanart we've managed to miss since Jen and I stopped updating once a day. x_x; I'm so tempted to try to get back on track with that once this semester is over. I'm so happy that I'll be out in May. :D

Anyways, I also found out that TV-Nihon decided to pick up Rockman.EXE Axess, so I found the first 2 episodes of that. I haven't watched them yet, but they're using DVD rips, which is awesome. WPP eventually started to use DVD rips, but because no DVD rips existed when they started subbing Axess, the earlier episodes have timestamps in the corner from the TV airings. I wonder if the translations between these two fansubbing groups are significantly different. Guess I'll just have to find out.

Today I was out with my parents getting supplies for a chair design I'm making in my 3D Design class. It's beach/pool themed, so we had to go out and buy a bunch of beach pails and pool noodles, a towel, an innertube, and water wings. And we also had to get other stuff for holding it all together, like wood dowels, pipes, screws, washers, l-brackets, and a board of wood. I don't think I've ever spent that much time in a Home Depot in my entire life. @_@ But it'll all be worth it once it's built. We just have to hope that it holds my weight when I have to sit on it during the critique. I'm sure it'll be sturdy enough, so I'm not too worried about that. :)

Besides buying all of that stuff, we went into Pathmark really quick for something, and they had a vending machine for cards and stuff. I haven't seen one of those in years (except for maaaaaybe Modells, because they might have one for sports cards, but I don't remember XD;), so I was browsing through what they had. They had some new Pokémon TCG boosters, and they had a couple of single cards in those hard plastic sleeves, but they were just of Turtwig and another Pokémon (I forgot which). But then I noticed they had some good old Jungle series cards, and I got a pack for the nostalgic factor. :3 They all ended up being cards that I already had though. XD; (Even the Snorlax...although the one I already had might be holo, so I have to check because this one is just the regular version.) WANNA TRADE SOME CARDS GUYS? 8D Anyways, we also went to Toys R Us, and at first I was going to get this cool looking HGSS TCG binder, but when I ended up in the aisle with the rest of the Pokémon-related merch, I found a Ralts plushie! EEEEEEE~! ♥ Ralts is one of my favorite 3rd gen Pokémon, as well as one of my favorite Psychic types, so I was thrilled. It's so freaking cute! :3 Even the woman who rang me up commented that she thought it was cute. XD

See ya! ;)

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