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Pokémon game collection

I'm not sure if it's totally obvious or not, but I'm a person who likes to brag about things. And one of the things I like to brag about is my collection of Pokémon stuff. More specifically, my Pokémon games. Why? Because although there are definitely other people out there like me who own all of the games to date, I bet most of them don't have all of the game boxes and stuff saved like I have. Let's take a look at the colorful history of the games in picspam form, shall we?

Generation I & II games (Gameboy/Gameboy Color)

All of the games in their glory. And if you'll notice, I've also included the OG of Pokéwalkers: The Pokémon Pikachu 2. I never had the original Pokémon Pikachu, but it doesn't matter because that one didn't link up with the game cartridges. THIS DID. You got cool items and shit for your games, and Pikachu was in color in this one instead of monochrome.

Generation I & II games (Nintendo 64)

These games are all classics. ♥ The one I most recently played was Hey You, Pikachu! a couple months ago, and oh man, what a trip. I had a blast replaying my favorite parts, like collecting ingredients for Bulbasaur and hunting for treasure. In fact, I even managed to do stuff that I had never done before, such as catching a world record Seaking while fishing. It was 82 inches! (Get your mind out of the gutter! XP) I'll post the picture I got of my record later, because currently it lives on my cellphone, and I'm too lazy to go find my MicroSD card adaptor to upload it.

Generation III games (Gameboy Advance)

Ohhh Gen III... You treated me well. ♥ I don't care what all the haters say, Hoenn was the shit, and the return to Kanto was awesome. I still fondly remember drooling over the screenshots and artwork for FRLG that were first revealed in Nintendo Power. Good times. Oh, and if you're wondering what the random stuff is in the back, on the left there's an e-Reader with a deck of RS e-cards. (Do you remember that house with the old woman in Mossdeep City that seemed totally pointless? Guess what? IT WASN'T. You battled trainers in that house that you scanned in with these cards. And you also got rare berries from these cards.) And on the right are 3 envelopes I received from Nintendo that were trying to get you to buy the games. They're for Ruby & Sapphire, XD: Gale of Darkness, and Emerald.

Generation III games (Gamecube)

And here we have the Gamecube games. Many people seemed disappointed with them, but as I've mentioned countless times on here, I freaking LOVED playing Colosseum. XD is cool too, but I much prefer the story and characters in Colosseum. Pokémon Channel was actually more than just watching TV, unlike how most people describe it as. You can venture to a few places like you could in Hey You, Pikachu! (in this game you take a bus to the location you want to go to), but exploration was extremely limited in comparison. And Pokémon Box was extremely useful. So glad I got it. Plus it was fun to make displays out of the Pokémon you've caught. I should take pictures of the ones I made and add them in here. Oh, and the disc on the bottom? That's purely for bragging rights. It's a preorder disc that allowed you to get Jirachi in Ruby & Sapphire. The good thing is that it's not limited to one use, as long as I restart the game each time I want one. So essentially, I can make an army of Jirachi and grow a crapload of Ganlon berries. Why would I do either of these things? BECAUSE I CAN.

Generation III/IV/V games (Nintendo DS/Wii)

It's crazy to think how many generations overlapped on the DS. We had a couple of failed spinoffs before DP came out, such as Dash and Trozei! (actually, Trozei! isn't bad at all, it's just that I suck at fast-paced puzzle games like that), and a couple of good ones, such as Ranger and Mystery Dungeon. But once DP did hit, that's when SHIT GOT REAL and every Pokémon release on the DS since then has been awesome in my book. As far as Wii games go, well...the only one shown here was the flop (aside from allowing you to do random wi-fi matches, which I never actually tried out, but you get the point). The other 2 games I own are for WiiWare, so obviously I have no game discs or packages to show off for them. But they're both fun games. And I haven't been able to get PokéPark Wii yet. (I put it on my Christmas list, but my parents didn't get it for me for Christmas OR my birthday, so I guess I'm buying this one myself.) Once I'm able to get it, my Pokémon game collection will officially be complete...until the next game that is. ;) OH! And there's Pokédex 3D too once I finally get a 3DS! Can't wait to use that app, it looks so badass, and people say it's very useful, especially for the price of FREE. :D

See ya! ;)


P.S. Check out my mood! It's one that I've never used before! But I feel it's appropriate. ;)
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