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Writer's Block: My name's Forrest, Forrest Gump

What’s your favorite Tom Hanks movie or character, and why?

Saw this question a few days ago on LJ's homepage and was intrigued by it. I didn't have the time to write about it till now though, so here we go~

Since I couldn't remember all of the movies I've seen with Tom Hanks in it, I went on IMDB, and here's my list:

Turner & Hooch
Joe Versus the Volcano
Sleepless in Seattle
Forrest Gump
Toy Story (1, 2, 3)
You've Got Mail
Cast Away
The Terminal

The obvious favorite for someone my age is his role as Woody in the Toy Story series. And hey, Woody IS one of my favorite character roles that he's done. But I also LOVED Tom Hanks in Turner & Hooch. His interactions with the dog, Hooch, were hilarious and heartwarming. :) And funny enough, back when Pixar was making their design for Woody, they knew that Tom Hanks had to voice him, so they made a beta-clip of Woody that was saying Hanks' lines from Turner & Hooch. The result was really funny, and you can see it in the documentary, "The Pixar Story." (You can view this clip here at around 6:12.)

I also enjoyed Forrest Gump, Cast Away, and The Terminal. And You've Got Mail is one of those cheesy classics that I feel like everyone should watch at least once, but that's probably just me. (My mom and I were considering watching it the other night, only to realize that we never bought it on DVD, just VHS!) And I'd say more about Joe Versus the Volcano and Sleepless in Seattle if I remembered more about them. I think I watched those when I was like 10 or something, so my memory is pretty foggy about those two. XD;

See ya! ;)

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