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I seriously NEED to stop making humongous posts

So I figured I should do a big update post based on what I've tweeted about over the past 2 months, because that's the only way I seem to remember what I've done over long periods of time. Oh, and just because I don't want my last LJ post to be only about Tom Hanks movies on the off chance that I die in the hurricane tomorrow.

Let's see...

-On June 11th (the last time I made a real post), I went to a Patent Pending show. Good times were had by all, especially when the band decided to pull a prank on Joe for leaving the car keys in the door handle. While he was inside the building, they took the van and parked it on one of the side streets. So when he came outside, he seriously thought the van got stolen/towed. It was pretty great, and you had to be there for the full effect. Joe took a picture of the guys in front of the van once he'd realized what actually happened. (I accidentally ended up in the background of this picture on the far right. XD;)

-On June 12th, Joe finally popped the question to the girl he'd dated for almost 8 years! Very exciting, especially since I'd been wondering for the longest time when he was finally gonna do it. I mean, shit. He's written so many songs about her over the years, so everyone thought it should've happened years ago. Way to go Joe, YOU DID IT!

-Started watching Modern Family. I watched both seasons in like 2 weeks or something. Can't wait for season 3 when it starts airing in the fall! Jesse Tyler Ferguson = ♥ Back when my mom was watching So You Think You Can Dance, I got ridiculously excited when I realized he was a guest judge. I came downstairs to get some water, and then it was like, "Why does that voice sound familiar...? ...OMG IT'S MITCHELL!!!" and ran into the living room to watch him talk and be completely and utterly ADORABLE. The reason why his character on Modern Family feels so real is because HE'S NOT ACTING. That's just how he is all the time! Love that! It sucks sometimes when you find out that the character you adore in a show is nothing like how their actor/actress is in real life.

-Celebrated my brother's birthday on June 18th (2 days early because his actual birthday was on a Monday, and he works till like 5PM and then goes to the gym to work out, so he wouldn't have been back home till like 9 or something). For several years, I had been planning on getting him Dick Tracey for the Sega Genesis as a gift. He used to play it at my grandparents house on my uncle's Sega whenever we visited them in the Bahamas, and I would watch. Good times. :) He kept saying how one of these days he wanted to look into buying a copy for himself, so when I finally remembered this idea for once, I went ahead and bought it over a month in advance. I made sure to get everything with it too: the cartridge, the box, and the manual. He was very pleasantly surprised when he opened it up. It always feels good to give someone a gift that you actually put thought into. :)

-I found a copy of Pokémon Puzzle Challenge on Amazon with all of the packaging, so I bought that, which inspired this post.

-I took a six-week summer class for Economics. It was about microeconomics specifically, and it was BORING. AS. HELL. But hey, I managed to get an A- and now that's one less Gen Ed class for me to worry about. :)

-When my friend was over at my house one day, something caused her to want to watch Dawson's Creek. I had never ever watched it before because 10-year old me only gave a shit about my Pokeymanz on the WB, and ew. Why would 10-year old me EVER watch a girly show like THAT?! :P Anyways, I looked it up on Sidereel, and we watched the first 2 episodes, and I was hooked. I'm in the middle of season 2 still (probably would've been in the middle of season 3 by now if work hadn't decided to eat up tons of my free time as of late), so I want to hopefully move on soon!

-Saw 2 movies this summer with my friend from college. :) X-Men: First Class and Captain America. I don't know ANYTHING about comic books, but DAMN, those movies were good! Watching those makes me wish I actually did know more about that kinda stuff so I could appreciate them even more. But since I was clueless, my friend was filling me in on stuff as the movies were going, which was funny because it was like, "That guy's name is Beast. But he's normally blue in the comics," and then later on in the movie, he had a mutation scene where he becomes blue. "That's Professor X. He's normally paralyzed in the comics," then at the end of the movie, "I can't feel my legs... I can't feel my legs!" XD So yeah, I had a good time watching those. :)
(Side note: That mutation scene was the ONLY part about the movie that I didn't like, because I have a MAJOR squick when it comes to people mutating into other things. I had to look down from the screen as soon as his feet started bulging and his veins were popping out and everything. I've had this problem for years, and I just can't seem to shake it. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it started when we watched a cartoon for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde when I was in the 3rd grade. I remember feeling nauseous for like a week after that because it freaked me out so badly.)

-On July 9th, I went to a birthday party for my one friend's cousin's kids (who are also her cousins :P). One of them turned 3 in June, and the other turned 6 in July, so they did a double birthday for them. They rented a bouncy waterslide (which is just like those bouncy house things you usually see at parties/fairs), and it was AWESOME. A couple of you have me added on Facebook, so you can see some pictures of me from there if you check my tagged photos. I managed to scrape myself while going down the slide at one point because of some velcro that wasn't covered up properly on one of the sides, which I was too close to when I was sliding down on my stomach. Because of that, I've got a scar on my knee since the scab couldn't heal properly. It was right on the part where the knee bends, so basically it kept reopening the wound whenever I'd walk or kneel down. Hopefully it'll fade away like one of my other scars did.

-That same day, Patent Pending's newest album, "Second Family," came in the mail! It's a full LP instead of an EP, which is awesome since they haven't put out an LP since 2006. The official release date was July 12th, so getting the package in the mail 3 days early was exciting! After thoroughly listening to it ever since then, I'd say my favorites are "Douchebag," "Set the Sun on Fire," "Spin Me Around," and "Second Family." "Douchebag" is hilarious, "Set the Sun on Fire" is really catchy and it sounds super cool since Patent Pending hasn't used horns in their songs since their ska-punk days, "Spin Me Around" is really an incredibly sweet song, and "Second Family" is just... ♥

-July 24th was the day my friend and I went to Warped Tour! SOOOOO MANY BANDS! People aren't kidding when they say it's nothing like any other concert you'll ever go to. Glad I finally got to experience it after hearing people talk about it for several years. Now I just gotta get my butt to Bamboozle sometime to see what that's like. Then again, that's probably pretty much the same, minus the disgustingly humid weather that comes along with Warped Tour. Anyways, we went for Patent Pending, but we saw lots of other bands while we were there. Minus me almost collapsing due to dehydration, it was a good day. (After having the same thing almost happen to me last year, I fortunately knew what the signs were, so I got to the free refill station just in time~)

-This summer was the beginning of something great: the return of '90s Nickelodeon shows! The Teennick channel has been airing All That, Kenan & Kel, Clarissa Explains It All, and Doug on weeknights, so I always end up passing out to good TV these days. ♥ Seriously gonna miss that when I'm back at college. They only get the regular Nick channel on their cable service. :( But anyways, I'm wondering if they'll eventually expand the lineup to include some of the other shows. They keep showing dozens of clips of them, so maybe if this '90s block continues to be popular, maybe Nick will consider making a channel JUST for this kinda stuff, which would be amazing. Before now, the '90s shows have been pretty spread out during recent years. The Nicktoons channel used to show the old cartoons, but now they air the semi-newer stuff that doesn't get aired on the regular Nick anymore, like ATLA and Danny Phantom. And there used to be that Nick GAS channel for all of their game shows like Legends of the Hidden Temple and GUTS, but they got rid of it like 2 years ago. And reruns of Kenan and Kel used to air on "The N" (the teen segment that Noggin had), but I think Nick actually killed Noggin or something, so their Nick Jr. and Teennick channels got dibs on what Noggin had (like how Teennick is the home for Degrassi these days). But yeah, hopefully the rest of the '90s shows will come back, because I hate how they keep taunting us with clips of them during the commercial breaks.

-Earlier this month, there was this whole car-crashing-through-the-front-window-at-work fiasco. Basically, some lady whipped around the curb in the shopping center too fast and drove into the store. According to an eye witness (who was an aunt to one of the kids who works at our store), the chick who drove the car got out and walked into the liquor store next door like as if nothing happened. She got arrested obviously, but amazingly enough, she passed a breathalyzer test. Don't know how that could've happened. Anyways, it was pretty nuts for everybody the next day because we had to work outside since the store was deemed "structurally unsound" at the time. Customers were SO confused, which was expected. Most of us got to leave early though since we were just sitting around while we watched like 2 or 3 other people helping customers.

-2 weeks ago, we tried to go to Sesame Place for a mini family vacation since my mom and I were unable to go to the Bahamas with my dad and my brother this year to visit my dad's side of the family. (If you've never heard of Sesame Place, it's a Sesame Street-themed water park out in PA. We used to go there at least once a year when we were younger.) Unfortunately, our plans got messed up due to rain while we were there, but at least we got to do a lot of shopping at our 2 favorite PA malls: Oxford Valley Mall and Franklin Mills Mall. I managed to get 3 games for my N64, the most awesome one being Super Mario 64. So glad I could finally get it. ♥ I had only played a demo of it back in the day, so I never owned it until Nintendo came out with Super Mario 64 DS (my first DS game ever). I became frustrated with the controls on the DS, so I never went back to finish it, so replaying it the way it was MEANT to be played has made a huge difference. I'm really enjoying it, especially after having played through Super Mario Galaxy in its entirety (as well as some of Super Mario Galaxy 2). Once I get my hands on a 3DS though, I do plan on going back to SM64:DS to collect the extra stars they added to that game since the 3DS has the control stick thingy now.

-Also 2 weeks ago, I experienced jury duty for the first time. It was a big waste of time, but at least I got to go through more than what most potential jurors get to. Silly me thought that when you get picked for jury duty, that means you're immediately put on a case. That's not how it works at ALL. You're given a juror number when you get the notice in the mail, and when you get to the courthouse, that's the number that identifies you from all of the other 200+ people that got called in. Everybody sits in a huge room to wait, but only about 30+ people or so actually get sent to a courtroom for a case. I got called for that, but some of the people who were there had done jury duty multiple times and never even got to that point. Anyways, once you're in the courtroom, the details about the case are given (such as if it's a civil case or a criminal case, the names of the people involved, etc.). Then the judge calls up anywhere between 6-12 people to sit in the jury box and begins to question each person called up. This is to determine if you'd be a non-biased juror. If your answer to one of the questions is questionable, you get called aside for a "sidebar" with the judge, the defense attorney, and the prosecutor. This can happen for many reasons, one of the most common being that you know one or more of the people involved in the case. But yeah, sometimes in the sidebar, you'll be asked to be dismissed from the case because they realized that you'd be biased. So then a new person is called up to the jury box to be questioned, and the process continues until both the defense and the prosecution are satisfied with all of the jurors. Then it's the usual "Do you swear to speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?" thing that you always see on TV. After that, everyone who isn't chosen as a juror can leave. I wasn't chosen, so I didn't have to waste any more time there thank god. I was already annoyed that I had to go back there for a second day since all of the jurors weren't selected before it was time to leave the courthouse on the first day. However, the second day was interesting for me. The 30 or so of us that were chosen for the courtroom had to wait outside separately from the new batch of 200+ jurors, so we all sat at a few tables. It was one of those situations where you meet people that you never would've met if you all hadn't ended up in the same situation together, and it was really interesting. Each table had 4 chairs, so I ended up sitting with 3 adults. One was a retired teacher, so he had a lot of stories to share about that. Another was a woman who works at a wildlife place, which was really interesting to hear about. And the other was a guy who works for the labor union, but he had a bunch of funny stories, most of them about him and his family. Hearing about all of their experiences gave me a new perspective on some things, which was pretty cool. That kinda made going to jury duty feel like it was worth it.

-Last weekend was my one friend's birthday, and conveniently, there was a Patent Pending show on the same day! It was definitely one of the best shows we've ever seen them play at that particular venue, so that was good. :) And for the first time in years, my friend actually enjoyed her birthday. She hates getting older, so she usually hates her birthday. So yeah, I'm glad she was able to enjoy herself on it for once. :D

-A couple days after that, I went to the Bronx Zoo with my dad. Before the spur-of-the-moment Sesame Place trip, my dad wanted to do something with me for a day, so we settled on going to the zoo. I hadn't been to a zoo since I was in elementary school, so it was awesome seeing all of the different animals they had. :) I might make a separate post about that sometime since I took almost 200 pictures while I was there. XD

-Then a couple days after THAT, the east coast felt an earthquake! I was sitting at my desk on the computer when I noticed that everything in my room was starting to rattle. Then it progressively got worse until everything, including the floor, was shaking like crazy! I had no clue what the fuck was going on, and once the thought of it possibly being an earthquake occurred to me, I started getting tons of tweets on my phone from people living in NJ and NY saying they thought they felt an earthquake too. Until I looked it up, I didn't realize just how widespread the quake was. The epicenter was in Virginia, and it spread as far north as NY (possibly even higher I think?) and as far south as the Carolinas. SO CRAZY! I read that the reason why it was so widespread is because, unlike the west coast, which has tons of fractures in its crust, ours is pretty smooth, which allows seismic waves to travel much farther.

-...And NOW we're about to experience a hurricane! Currently where I am, the rain and wind are starting to get heavy, and the actual hurricane is supposed to hit sometime in the early morning. I'm hoping that all of my friends who are affected stay safe. ♥ My family in the Bahamas got battered pretty hard. My mom was able to get through to them the other day though, so at least we know they're alive and well.

Okay... So remind me to never do something like this for a post ever again. It took me wayyyyy too long to write all of this out. XD;

See ya! ;)

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