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It's that time of the year... New TV shows! :D

So.... Looks like I'm in the mood to babble about my shows tonight. LET'S DO THIS.

How I Met Your Mother

So these episodes were interesting I guess. I don't know, HIMYM just doesn't always cut it for me these days. I still love it, but as is the case with any long-running show, it gets tired after awhile. There were a couple moments that were cool, like the dancing scene with Barney & Robin at Punchy's wedding in 7x01. And also Drunk!Marshall in 7x01. 7x02 was pretty bland for me. It was just Ted acting like a douche, Marshall trying to delete an embarrassing video of himself off the internet so he won't lose his job oppurtunity, and Barney lying to and winning back Nora once again. I kinda wish they'd drop her honestly. She never interested me, and it's a seemingly pointless plotline...unless if she's the mystery wife at Barney's wedding. The show keeps hinting that it's either her or Robin, but who knows. They might decide to draw a wild card and make it be somebody else.

SPEAKING OF WILD CARDS, HOLY SHIT VICTORIA IS BACK?!?!? That was CRAAAAAZY! After seeing the promo for 7x03, I have no clue where that's gonna go. But wow. I remember how I didn't like Victoria very much back in season 1. But after all of these seasons of Ted's other exes? I'd honestly be okay with them making her the mother, but I doubt it's her since they keep implying that Ted is supposed to meet the mother at Barney's wedding. Still, it's going to be interesting having her back.

Modern Family

These episodes were good. Especially 3x02. ♥ But I'll go with 3x01 first. Basically, I liked how Mitchell was freaking out about adopting a boy since he feels he's not masculine enough. So he ends up fixing this problem by blowing up a birdhouse with a firecracker that Luke had been wanting to use the whole episode. Classic! Also, Mitchell almost shooting everybody with the rifle by accident. And let's see...I think the other part I liked was the awkward scene Dylan had with Claire in the cabin. Oh, and the way how Gloria was shouting towards the end. I might be missing something else, but my list of likes for this episode was low.

NOW for 3x02. Just...oh man. As we found out in the previous episode, Lily can walk and talk! (The only thing I knew about prior to the premiere was that the twin babies who played Lily's character up till now were replaced by this new little girl. So I didn't know if she was going to just START to learn to walk and talk, y'know?) And this leads to some hilarious scenes. Like her saying, "Kill the new baby" in response to getting a brother. Mitchell thinks she's been coddled too much by Cam (so she doesn't want to lose her favorite daddy's attention if there's a new sibling in the house), but come to find out later, she's being possessive of Cam because has problems with sharing...which she picked up from Mitchell. "My chicken!" *slaps Cam's hand* XD And the other storylines? The Manny/Jay/Gloria one was good, particularly when Gloria takes Manny to school and walks with him to the principal's office (he stole some girl's necklace), then at the VERY last minute, she breaks into the girl's locker with a credit card and throws the necklace in like nothing ever happened. XD And Claire being SUPER obsessive about always being right. To the point where she got a security tape from the grocery store to prove her case. (Phil knocked her down with the shopping cart, causing her to fall into a pyramid of cans, but nobody believed her when she blamed Phil.) And then just the crazy revelations at the end with Claire/Mitchell/Jay. "I put Mitchell in a dryer when he was 2." "Is that why I have a fear of tumbling?!" XD (Probably not an exact quote, but you get the idea.)


First off...that opening scene? Lolwut? So random. I did like it though. Dean Pelton in the dress was hilarious, and there were a couple of cute shots of Jeff & Annie together. (Since I haven't talked about Community much on here yet, I'm coming out and saying this now - YES. I SHIP THEM. For those of you who are squicked by age difference? DEAL WITH IT.) Then there was Troy & Abed's announcement about how they're living together now. oh man. I've tried SO HARD not to ship them, but season 2 wore me down, and the potential for something like this is PHENOMENAL! I'll have to see where that goes. Next up, the usual "Pitty Pierce" card was drawn when Jeff tried to force Pierce out of the group once again. But in an unexpected turn of events, Jeff ended up in Pierce's shoes when he got kicked out of Biology and Pierce got in, effectively getting himself kicked out of the group. Watching his meltdown was interesting, I must say. The bonding moment between him and Pierce at the end was nice though. Even though Pierce is my least favorite character of the main cast due the fact that his character was written to be annoying, I always appreciate the little moments he gets like this. Anyways, Abed freaking out over Cougar Town and just his obsessive nature when it comes to ANYTHING related to to TV/film was amusing. Britta fucked up BIG TIME by giving him a new favorite show...only for Abed to find out that it ends afer 6 episodes. He basically shut down all human functionality until she found him a NEW new favorite show. Priceless.

The Big Bang Theory

I haven't been able to watch 5x01 yet, but OH. MY. GOD. 5x02 was HYSTERICAL! Pretty much everything I love about TBBT all bundled up into one lovely episode. ♥ Sheldon & Penny's interactions were awesome as usual (and are why they will always be my fanon OTP), there was a hilarious Howard/Raj scene (with Awkward!Leonard to boot!), and I loved Amy just being...Amy. Oh, and Penny and Amy SCREAMING while running downstairs. "Besties" for life! But yeah, the Sheldon/Penny "old married couple" scene was priceless. "If we were an old married couple, you'd have iced tea and snickerdoodles." "Sorry, I don't have any iced tea or snickerdoodles." "A good wife would go to the store." ♥ And the *knock knock knock* "PENNY!" parts were PERFECT, especially the last one where he only gets two knocks on the door before she scares him away, and then he comes running back to do his third knock and runs away again. Oh Sheldon. ♥ And the Raj/Howard? Basically, Leonard was trying to have internet sexytimes through Skype with Priya, and it wasn't going over so well. So Howard came up with this crazy device where both people on each end kiss a robotic mouth, and the sensor in the mouth causes the mouth on the other end to move exactly like the person's mouth if they were physically in the room kissing you. So Howard was testing it out, and he asked Leonard if he wanted to try it. He said no, so Raj decided to and it was They got so into it. Poor Leonard. XD; I bet there's gonna be a bunch of Howard/Raj fics adding in Raj's "playful" tendency now. Man...I hope when I watch 5x01, it'll be a good episode like this one was.

If I start doing a bunch of posts like this again like I used to, I guess Community and Modern Family will be getting their own tags pretty soon, instead of being lumped into "random fandoms" like I've been doing so far. :P

See ya! ;)

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