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Another trip down memory lane~

So yesterday I ended up going on another one of my Rockman.EXE highs that tend to crop up every few months or so. And I gotta say, it's always fun jumping around from one site to the next just stumbling upon cool shit that I didn't know about. For instance, somebody posted a bunch of links to different versions of the theme songs over here. (There's a handful of fanmade remixes too, most of which are MIDIs, but they sound kinda cool.) Even though it's low quality rip from a video online, it was pretty awesome to find out that there IS a full version of "Piece of Peace." (It's not one of my favorites or anything, but lots of people wanted a full version. All I want is a full version of "Futatsu no Mirai" to be honest.)

Oh, and another thing? After YEARS of waiting for someone to sub it entirely in some way, shape, or form, I found a Youtube sub of Axess 42. To anyone who has ever been in this fandom, you should be well aware of which episode this is without me even saying what it's about. (But since this is me, of course I'm going to say what it is and babble about it. XP) It's that Netto/Meiru shipping episode that all of the fangirls have squeed over for years, but never fully understood since a proper sub never came out. Sure, with a show this simple, it's not too difficult to get the gist of what's going on, but we shippers NEED the little details. And I must say, I was extremely pleased by the little details that I didn't pick up on till now. ♥

Netto: "Look what I did to where we made our promise..."
Meiru: *looks up at him surprised*
Netto: "Sorry..."
Meiru: *smiles* "No. Netto, you remembered it anyway..."
Netto: "But you..."
Meiru: *looks up again*
Netto: "We'll always be together anyway. And that's what matters, right?"
Meiru: *face lights up* "Really? Is that really true?"
Netto: "Why, do you think it's weird?"
Meiru: "No, that's not it at all... Netto!" *glomps him*

Honestly, I'm kind of surprised he remembered too. Then at the same time, I'm not. I just tend to forget that he's a sentimental kid sometimes. That was a really sweet thing for him to say, even if he didn't necessarily mean it in THAT context.

Aside from those things, just seeing and hearing everything again was a nice little nostalgia trip for me. I'm probably gonna end up watching a couple of episodes when I go home this weekend. ...Maybe even dub episodes. XD God, the dub really is so bad, but I can't help but love it. It'll always have a special place in my heart since it was the only thing I could watch until I finally had access to the Japanese episodes.

Oh, and speaking of random things I stumbled upon, I was surprised to finally see that some Netto/Enzan and Enzan/Meiru fanvids exist. I remembered looking those pairings up a couple years ago and found nothing for them. Sure, these videos are just those crappy slideshows set to sappy pop music with those obnoxious heart-shaped transitions and flashing colors that we all know and love about crappy shipping slideshows. But at least they exist now, filling that void for anyone who's ever shipped either pairing. But watching those seriously makes me want to attempt to take up fanvidding again for this series. (A long time ago, I attempted to make a shipping vid, but I wasn't happy enough with the result, so I deleted it.) There aren't enough good vids out there for this series, and that needs to be remedied.

See ya! ;)

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