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I'm making a post again? OH SNAP! It's been awhile guys.

These past couple of months have been pretty crazy for me in terms of change. The biggest of all being my stance on drinking. Well, personally anyway. My general opinion of it has always been the same: If you do it, I don't knock you for it; But if you're ridiculous about it, get the hell away from me. I've had PLENTY of negative experiences with my mom over-drinking, and that REALLY turned me off from the idea of me drinking. I never wanted to try it, never had any desire to try it, and never had any reason to try it. Not to mention that anytime I got a whiff of my dad's beer or my mom's wine, it always smelled DISGUSTING. The whole idea of me trying it was always a huge turn off for me, so I insisted that I'd never ever EVER do it and just be straight edge for my entire life.

But now, here I am: I'm officially considered a drinker. I only do it in groups or for special occasions though. I'm not the type to just drink it all the time in a routine manner like my parents do. And there's absolutely no reason for me to ever need or want to become like that. So I think I've set a reasonable limit on myself, and I fully intend to stick by it. It's been working well so far, so I don't ever see myself breaking it.

Anyways, my main reason for posting tonight is just to recall Saturday's event, which was a wedding I went to for my neighbor's nephew. I had a REALLY nice time there, which I wasn't expecting at all since I'm usually not very social or active at weddings (and most family-oriented gatherings in general), so I never really enjoy myself. At receptions, I normally just sit at the table while everyone else is up and about talking and dancing and whatnot. But today was different for me. No clue why, but damn, I was in the mood to party hard. And party hard I did. I was trying all kinds of hors d'oeuvres (the best one was a skewer of shrimp wrapped in a strip of bacon, oh my god, so delcious ♥), the most surprising of which being a jalapeño popper since I don't like eating peppers (which is weird since I DO enjoy the flavor of peppers mixed into my food, like with rice or meats). But I figured, hey, why not? And while eating it, it proved that I definitely don't like eating peppers since I ended up taking the rest of the pepper out of the breaded coating halfway through. XD; But I tried it, and that's what counts. If this were me in the past, I'd never have tried it.

But yeah, so there was that, and then there was me trying sips of several beers and wines. Unfortunately, they all sucked. As expected, I knew I'd hate them because like I said above, I never liked the smell of any of the beers or wines that my parents drink. I was a bit bummed out because I was hoping to get some nice, mixed drinks like the ones I've tried up till now. But again, I tried stuff I never would've before. And my reaction faces made people laugh, so it wasn't a total loss. :P One of the guys that was grouped together with us at our table gave a HILARIOUS description for one my faces. "That face was worth a thousand bucks. You look like you enjoyed that as much as getting brain surgery." XD Too bad there isn't a picture of it. I would've liked to see how much I was cringing. XP

Finally, throughout the reception, I did one more thing that I've never really done before ( public anyway), which was dance. And I mean legit dancing. I've always felt incapable of it, so I never bothered to try it before outside of being silly when I'm by myself in my bedroom or something. Honestly, I don't know what came over me to cause me to even want to, but I did, and I had a fucking blast doing it. The only time it was SUPER awkward was during the first song that I danced to, because it was a slow dance. This old man that lives next door to us (technically next door to our garage since our house is on the street corner) came over to our table and asked me if I wanted to. My only reaction was "Uhhhhhhh..." until my brother chimed in and said to go ahead. So I figured, hey, might as well. The old man's wife died like 2 years ago, so he probably doesn't get many opportunities to do stuff like this anymore, so I felt a bit obligated to not say no. But yeah, I had no clue what I was doing, and towards the end, I think I almost stepped on his feet twice. XD; That's something I need to practice one of these days. During the dance, it was amusing though since he turned to another old couple that were next to us on the floor, and I think he said something to the effect of, "I like 'em young." XDDD; Sly motherfucker, hahaha. One of the photographers at the wedding got a picture of him and I together, so that'll be interesting to see once my neighbor gets the photos back, I'm sure. Anyways, after the first dance, I guess I didn't feel so awkward anymore, so I went up multiple times with my parents/brother/neighbor/etc. If I hadn't, I still would've been obligated to do the Electric Slide and the Cha Cha Slide though, because I ALWAYS do those at parties if they're played. :3 Fortunately for me, both of them were. :D

So long story short? I felt like a whole other person decided to take over my body for a day. And I ended up enjoying every second of it. Everyone was surprised by it too since I'm normally so reserved. I know it wasn't because of alcohol since all I had were those handful of sips when I was just trying the drinks my brother got, so I have no clue why broke out of my shell the way I did. It's a change that I'd like to keep up though. :)

See ya! ;)


P.S. If anybody knows the reference I made in the title of this post, kudos, you're just as big of a dork as me. XP
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