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Belated Christmas 2013 Post!

Happy New Year guys! As per usual, I don't post nearly enough on this journal. But at least I managed to remember to do this annual post (despite it being ridiculously late :P).

Here's the fun goodies I got this year~

Video Games:
-Pokémon Y
-The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

-Monsters University
-Mystery Team
-Role Models
-It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (season 7)
-Modern Family (season 3)

-Scott Pilgrim Color Edition (volumes 3 & 4)
-A Daybook of Positive Thinking: Daily Affirmations of Gratitude and Happiness

Other Things:
-a pink & khaki plaid shirt
-a solid navy raglan shirt
-a purple sweater
-2 different pairs of touch screen compatible gloves
-a Legend of Zelda 2014 calendar
-a pack of multi-colored styluses for tablets/phones
-a paperweight shaped like a block of gold
-a bomb-shaped speaker for mp3 players
-a magnetic puzzle thingy
-a coin that promotes procrastination XD (it's called a TUIT and has a description on the back that gets you to realize you "Got a round TUIT," or that you'll "Get around to it.")
-a pack of holiday-colored Goldfish
-an 8GB USB flash drive
-a 32GB MicroSD card

From my neighbor:
-a scarf
-a tube of purple hand sanitizer

Stocking Stuffers:
-a purple polka dotted cosmetic zip pouch
-a purple heart keyring
-a little bottle of cucumber melon fragrance spray
-a little container of Advil
-a pink polka dotted tape measure
-a comb
-a toothbrush
-a pack of 6 paperclips
-a cupcake holder container
-a pack of Luden's cough drops
-2 Ring Pops
-a pack of Lifesavers
-a Jumbo Push Pop (cherry lemonade flavored!)
-a pack of Fruity Tootsie Rolls
-2 packs of Fun Dip
-a little pack of holiday-colored Goldfish
-a large Rice Krispie Treat

See ya! ;)

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