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Pokémon Gen VII - Sun & Moon!

So a new generation of Pokémon games will be upon us come November, the 18th to be specific. We found out about the new titles back in February thanks to an internet leak of new copyrighted logos, but today was the first time we got trailers of the gameplay, including the starters and legendaries!

Interestingly enough, we have our standard game trailer in the U.S., but a completely different approach was taken with the Japanese trailer. And as everyone seems to be agree, the Japanese one is incredibly heartwarming thanks to great storytelling. I recommend watching both trailers to see the differences.

But anyways, the new starters! Much like last gen, I like the designs for all of them, and I'm excited for Litten since it reminds me a bit of the cat from Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. :D Also, the fact that its fireballs are made from hairballs is hilarious! XD (But on another note, TPCI needs to try to do better with names now that there's so many Pokémon. Litten is WAY too similar to Litleo from last gen, and both are fire-type felines.) Rowlet and Popplio are also cool. I'll probably go with Rowlet in my secondary game, unless if I'm swayed otherwise. And the legendaries look interesting, particularly Moon's legendary.

Now for the location, it's been confirmed to take place in Alola (a.k.a. Hawaii), which is a cool choice in my opinion. However, I'm not sure how it will be to play through it as a region. In the trailer, it focuses on an island based on Oahu, but it looks entirely too small for the region to be JUST that island (to me it looks like there's only about 3-4 towns at most on that island, but I could be wrong). So I would guess that the other islands would be included in some way, but we'll see. Otherwise, it looks pretty solid.

Trainer customization looks to be making a return, and now it includes skin color options! I assume we'll be getting more hairstyles, but I'm cool with the default female style, so depending on the options, I may stick with that one.

Now, the last time I did a post like this for Gen VI, I did a break down of how often we saw a new generation release. And, based on Gen VI's October 2013 release, it looks like it's 3 years and 1 month again like it was last time. The main difference between shifting from Gen V to Gen VI versus Gen VI to Gen VII is that I DON'T feel like we're leaving X & Y too soon. I feel like there was less to do overall in X & Y compared to previous gens, so I'm more than ready to see something new. I'm hoping the Pokémon count goes up quite a bit more than it did last gen, but who knows.

Also, an interesting note about these games that wasn't shown in the trailers and that some fans have speculated about has to do with a potential new game mechanic. According to this article, if the diamond shapes in the Japanese logos are supposed to hint at something, they could possibly be referencing Burst Hearts from a spin-off manga series, Pokémon ReBurst, which allow trainers to combine themselves with Pokémon. If something like this is the case, I don't know how it would tie into the gameplay, especially if it would be used outside of the game's plot in online battles and stuff. But we shall see~

See ya! ;)

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