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Good News (for me)!

1. I just got my mom to let me preorder Psych Season 1 on DVD. It is gonna be KICK ASS. The episodes are in widescreen, so no extra little bits will be cut off on the sides or anything. And obviously, there will be no watermarks and it'll be crystal clear DVD quality. :) If I'm up to it, I might even screencap each episode and post the caps for people to use. By the way, dropped their preorder price to $39.49 today (because it was still around $45 yesterday when I checked), so the price is definately a good deal because it's around $20 cheaper than the MSRP (which says that it will normally sell for $59.99 when it's officially released in stores on June 26), AND you can get free shipping through

2. Earlier this week, I found out from archemo that Dead Like Me is going to get a direct-to-DVD movie. I'm hoping that they'll be able to get the original cast members (Ellen Muth, Mandy Patinkin, Callum Blue, and Jasmine Guy). Otherwise I'll be disappointed. I don't know what Callum Blue and Jasmine Guy are up to, but it seems like Ellen Muth's last acting job was when DLM was still filming episodes, which was like 4 years ago. :O And Mandy Patinkin is on Criminal Minds, so who knows if he'll be too busy to take a break from that or not. If all of the original actors can come back, I hope this movie will either a)wrap up the series OR b)allow for maybe another movie release or two.

3. I'm getting Taco Bell for dinner. w00t! :D

4. Next week is my last week of school! I'm so looking forward to my summer vaction finally starting.

So's been a good week for me in fandom and in real life.

See ya! ;)

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