February 20th, 2012

Psych: OMG!

Free up your mind

I'm making a post again? OH SNAP! It's been awhile guys.

These past couple of months have been pretty crazy for me in terms of change. The biggest of all being my stance on drinking. Well, personally anyway. My general opinion of it has always been the same: If you do it, I don't knock you for it; But if you're ridiculous about it, get the hell away from me. I've had PLENTY of negative experiences with my mom over-drinking, and that REALLY turned me off from the idea of me drinking. I never wanted to try it, never had any desire to try it, and never had any reason to try it. Not to mention that anytime I got a whiff of my dad's beer or my mom's wine, it always smelled DISGUSTING. The whole idea of me trying it was always a huge turn off for me, so I insisted that I'd never ever EVER do it and just be straight edge for my entire life.

But now, here I am: I'm officially considered a drinker. I only do it in groups or for special occasions though. I'm not the type to just drink it all the time in a routine manner like my parents do. And there's absolutely no reason for me to ever need or want to become like that. So I think I've set a reasonable limit on myself, and I fully intend to stick by it. It's been working well so far, so I don't ever see myself breaking it.

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See ya! ;)


P.S. If anybody knows the reference I made in the title of this post, kudos, you're just as big of a dork as me. XP