January 2nd, 2019

Psych: Yayz!

Christmas 2018: Home Away From Home

Happy New Year~! I'm back again for the usual list! This year was my first time not being at home for Christmas (since I officially moved in with my boyfriend and his parents back in October), but my family still spoiled me anyway with lots of gifts in the mail. T~T

Also, my boyfriend's mom kept saying how I "brought Christmas back to the home" since they did nothing to celebrate it last year. But this year she ordered a pop-up tree to decorate the kitchen/living room so that the house felt at least a little bit Christmas-y. None of us expected how many gifts would wind up around that little tree. XD

Video Games:
-Refer to the "From my boyfriend" section. (No games from my family this year since I didn't give them a list of things I wanted. XD;)

-Incredibles 2

Other Things:
-a pair of Christmas pajamas and socks
-a pack of Hanes socks
-a pack of No Nonsense socks
-a t-shirt of Super Mario characters crossing Abbey Road
-a pair of gray workout pants
-a purple shirt
-a gray shirt
-a rooster oven mitt and a pair of rooster pot holders
-a Jersey Shore tote bag (NOT the MTV show)
-a bag of Trader Joe's Churro Bites
-a box of Cap'n Crunch's Christmas Crunch cereal
-a box of Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch
-a Super Nintendo themed calendar
-a Super Mario heat changing mug
-a Steve Harrington (Stranger Things) POP! vinyl figure
-a Playskool Heroes Marvel Super Hero Adventures Mech Armor Captain America figure (there's a story behind this one: my brother and I were hanging out with my neighbor's niece's twins in their playroom, and they had this Captain America mech figure and a Spider-Man mech figure that they were making each other fight and stuff. My brother seemed so excited by them, so I got him the Spider-Man one as a silly gift for his birthday back in June. So in turn, he ended up getting this one for me for Christmas. XD)

From my neighbor:
-a blue shirt

From my boyfriend:
-Katamari Damacy REROLL (I'm so hooked on this game!)
-a Geodude Sitting Cuties plush
-a Drowzee Sitting Cuties plush
-a Litten Pokémon Gallery figure
-a sterling silver infinity necklace (he said some very sweet things to me about why he got me this ♥)

From my boyfriend's family:
-a cream scarf
-a cream winter beanie
-a light blue robe (this thing is so soft, omg~)

From my friends:
-Ensky Kirby Adventure Stackable Nosechara Mini Figures (this was a totally unexpected surprise, and I ADORE them~ ♥)
-an Exeggutor Sitting Cuties plush

Stocking Stuffers:
-a pair of Bahama Mama socks
-a Tornadus Pokémon McDonald's Happy Meal toy (with an Eevee TCG card!)
-RAGE card game
-a pack of Kleenex tissues
-a tube of Gold Bond lotion
-a tube of Merry Cookie hand cream
-a bottle of Merry Cookie hand sanitizer
-a penguin magnetic paper pad and pen
-a striped coin pouch/ID holder
-2 cherry Ring Pops
-a box of Holiday Mix Skittles
-a box of Merry Mix Mike & Ike's

See ya! ;)