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I have so many things to be thankful for this Friday. Like the fact that my classes in school were shortened thanks to a pep rally, I finally got to see an episode of Dead Like Me and realize why my friend loves it lots, and Avatar: Secret of the Fire Nation is airing tonight! :D And my dad is picking me up a BK kids meal for dinner, so this will hopefully be another new toy to add to my small collection.

The first two times, I got the 'Air Scooter Aang' (because I got a meal two days in a row, so they still had the same toy the next day. Then last week I got the 'Rip 'N Whirl Sokka' (one of those 'sticker toys' as I like to call them). And I'm hoping for a different toy this week, which I'm assuming there will be because typically at fast food places, I think they change the toy every few days or every week or something. Considering that SotFN is being shown tonight, maybe BK actually looked into this and I'll end up getting a Zuko or Azula toy (since they ARE from the Fire Nation afterall :P).

So yeah, good weekend so far. I might get to go to a friend's party tomorrow, but I'm not sure yet. Considering I got the invite late (the RSVP was Sept. 10th! XD), I'll have to check because my parents don't always go for last minute things. If I do get to go though, it'll be a sleepover, so that'll be mucho fun. Too bad that because of the lateness, I didn't even have time to look for a gift. Of course, I just give money to people all the time instead, but still. What if I did have some awesome gift idea in mind for once? Then I wouldn't have been able to get/make it. But since that's not the case, there probably isn't any point in me ranting about it, is there? :P

See ya! ;)

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