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Best piece of RnR3 news EVER

Luna will finally be able to transform and fight alongside Rockman.


Seriously, I've been tired of her getting shafted just because Misora was originally the only girl who got an EM wave change. Now that Luna will be able to change on her own, this changes everything in an awesome new way.

According to the news post at ON-AIR, instead of being unwillingly taken over by Ophiucus, she'll be getting a wizard called Mode. I hope some character art of Mode is released at some point so that I can speculate on what Luna's new transformation will look like. :)

But yes. Now she won't have to feel useless anymore since she can now do more than just cheering on Rockman. And Luna can beat the crap out of Misora now for all of the suffering she's caused by making Luna feel jealous. >:D

See ya! ;)

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