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Avatar 3x12 - The Western Air Temple

So LJ decided to be stupid and just not work for an hour or 2. At least it's back now. *sigh*

Anyways, this is the last week of new episodes of Avatar. Then the series will be done for good. :( But I really didn't care for some of the season 3 episodes though, so maybe it's a good thing. Besides, it's apparent that Nick just didn't care about it anymore considering that the U.K. got some season 3 episodes before us at one point (which was totally random and made NO sense at all), and they up and decided, "Hey! Let's air the remaining episodes in one week without any time for anticipation to build up! :D" >_> I heard they also did this sort of thing with the books and the DVDs too, releasing a DVD that some episodes that are airing this week, and releasing the book based on the finale super early. >_<

Honestly, it was bad enough to see Danny Phantom end in the same manner last summer (except that they had 2 WEEKS worth of episodes to rush through), so it hurts me a little to see Avatar get the same treatment. It was a great series, and it deserved so much more than this. The FANS deserved so much more than this. Many have been so devoted to this series all this time (especially some of the cosplayers: one of whom was a girl that shaved her hair to cosplay as Aang! :O), so to me it feels like the way the series is being rushed through was like a bitchslap in the face to the fandom.

Anyways, I guess I'll talk about the new episode that was on today/yesterday.

So Zuko's finally a part of the gAang, and it's so awkward. XD; I was hoping he'd eventually end up being in the group someday to see some hawt Zuko/Aang buttsecksin' >:D, but I didn't quite expect it to turn out like this. ^^; And Katara decided to be a little bitch and make it even more awkward for him by threatening him. But after the way s2 ended over a year ago, I can understand why she'd still be super bitter towards him.

Zuko's impersonations of Iroh and Azula were awesome. XD

I completely forgot about Haru coming back with some stupid facial hair. Just shave it off! It looks hideous! D:

Sokka totally pwned "Combustion Man" with his boomerang, which was epic win. :D

Toph got her feet burned (accidentally) by Zuko, so now she can't see with her feet! Yesss~! I was getting a little tired of that advantage. Sure, it's cool and everything, but the show always seemed to overuse it. Her feet will probably be healed by the next episode or the one after that though, so I guess it doesn't really matter. *sigh* But on the off-chance that they AREN'T healed by Katara, I'm interested to see how something like that will play out in the final battle, because that would certainly be a challenge for her. :D

WHERE THE HELL IS SUKI!? If she really did die because of Azula back in s2 (which there's only circumstantial evidence of), I'll be so sad. T_T I've been hoping she was still alive and would make a comeback, but there's only a few episodes left, so time is running out. I want one last Sokka/Suki moment, because it would be so nice. However, it seems like Sokka/Toph might have a slight chance at happening based on previous s3 episodes that aired in the fall. And although something like that would be cute, I'd still prefer some Sokka/Suki.

See ya! ;)

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