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Avatar 3x13, 3x14, 3x15, and 3x16

Because I fail and completely forgot to watch the new episodes on Tuesday and Wednesday, I caught up tonight just in time for tonight's episode. So now I'm going to attempt to cram in everything I can remember into this post.

So 3x13 was pretty awesome for putting Aang and Zuko together for an episode. I wanted to giggle so badly when Aang asked Zuko to dance with him. XDDD And there was this one point where Aang grabbed onto Zuko in a rather suggestive way, which also amused me greatly. Aang/Zuko will always be my slash OTP in this series. ♥

Just like I figured, Toph's feet didn't stay burned after 3x12. *sigh*

The "Dragons Dance" was really cool, especially when Aang and Zuko did it along with the 2 dragons.

3x14 and 3x15 were 2 halves of an episode, and I liked them quite a bit for many reasons. Zuko teamed up with Sokka this time around, and it was interesting to see how they interacted with each other. :)

SUKI'S ALIVE! Huzzah! :DDD I'm glad that Sokka and Suki finally got to be together again. :)

Sokka got his father back from the Fire Nation too! :D Their father/son love is always so sweet.

Mai and Ty Lee going against Azula was very bold. And I'm rather pleased that they did because somebody needed to stand up against that nutball for a change. The only downside is that they're now captives. ^^;

3x16 had Zuko team up with Katara to kick some ass. She was still incredibly bitchy throughout the whole episode towards pretty much everybody.

Katara used some "blood bending," which was a bit of a surprise considering how much she hated using it when that crazy old woman taught her to do it. However, the guy she used it on wasn't the man that she was looking for, so that ended up being a waste.

Once she and Zuko DID find the right guy, Katara didn't take revenge and ended up not killing him with all of the ice shards she made with the rain. She just liquified the shards and walked away.

Katara hugged Zuko in the end, and early in the episode Zuko saved her from some crumbling pillars, so I bet all of the Zutara shippers are in a joyful uproar at the moment. Joy. *rolls eyes*

Tomorrow's episode is finally going to confront the whole Aang/Katara thing, so we'll have to see where that'll go. The preview made it look like Aang won't get his way, but who knows.

See ya! ;)

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