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A busier day than usual

So it's after midnight, and my dad had some ice cream at least a half hour or so ago. And now he's making a mini pizza in the toaster over. WTF? O_o; And he offered me a slice of cheese while I was still eating my ice cream. *facepalm* Apparently bad flavor combinations aren't registering in his brain at the moment.

Anyways, today my mom dragged me to Kohl's with her so that I could drive, and she wanted me to look and see if there were any clothes I wanted since there was a sale thing, or she had a coupon or something. It was very boring for me since I didn't find much, and I'm just not into clothes shopping. Seriously, I still wear a couple shirts that I've had since at least the 5th or 6th grade, so what does that say about how often I look for new clothes? XD; But yeah, we were probably there for at least 2 hours since my mom takes forever in those stores browsing through everything. But afterward I got to go to Toys R Us, so it was all good. :) I even bought an adorable Shinx plushie while I was there. :D

Then things got very busy for me once we got back home. I was working on the updates for WSA since it was Jen's birthday today/yesterday because I yelled at her not to do them. XD But I kept getting sidetracked because of new TV shows. I had Avatar to watch at 8PM, and then Monk at 9PM and Psych at 10PM. I didn't even bother to watch Monk though since I TiVoed it, but I always HAVE to watch Psych when it's broadcasting, so I ditched the WSA work for an hour because of that. ^^; I'll probably do episode rant posts for Avatar and Psych tomorrow/today. Or maybe I'll hold off on the Psych rant for the jumbo fandom post that I STILL haven't written up yet after all this time. T_T But that probably won't get started until I get the season 2 DVDs and rewatch all of the episodes to remember what the hell happened, so maybe the post will be a complete season 2 + 1st half of season 3 jumbo post. Or I can procrastinate the post until the rest of season 3 airs in the winter, but that would be ridiculous. XD

See ya! ;)


P.S. It turns out the pizza was for my brother and not for my dad, so nevermind that little rant at the beginning of this post. XD;
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