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Bored at early morning hours

Blehhh... I wish more people would be awake at crazy hours to keep me from being bored. Maybe I should add some more communities to my friends list so that more posts will pop up to keep me amused...

Anyways, I'm back to being extremely annoyed by Hikari again. And just why is this?

Well before I even started to watch the contest episodes (DP077-DP079), I knew it was likely that Hikari would finally be getting her 2nd ribbon (because the writers made her lose at the last 2 contests, which made me quite pleased indeedy)... But the way how they made her win?

No... Just...NO.

Hikari should NOT be able to win in a match against Haruka at this point. She's still inexperienced (especially since she did practically no training while she was emoing about her 2 contest losses, and that was about 50 episodes she wasted right there), and Haruka has been consistently getting more ribbons in Johto (3 ribbons compared to Hikari's 1 measley ribbon) and raising her Pokémon well (her Bulbasaur now a Venusaur, her Squirtle now a Wartortle, and her Eevee now a Glaceon).

As happy as I was about Haruka coming back (slight Advanceshipping :D, plus I've missed her since AG), I think that the writers should've brought her back at a different time to make Hikari's win more plausible. Honestly, I would've much rather seen the final battle be between her and Nozomi, and have Hikari win against her. In several episodes prior to this contest, Hikari would keep flashing back to what Nozomi said to her after the second contest she lost in, and apparently whatever the heck she said to her (because I don't understand most Japanese hurrhurr :B) really got under her skin. So having her win against Nozomi would've shown how she finally got past Nozomi's words and rose above them.

But no. The writers decided to be idiots and make her beat a coordinator who has won a grand festival and still continues to shine in contests.

So yeah, that's my rant for today. But maybe I'll have a squee filled rant tomorrow/later today when I attempt to finish watching the remaining 8-9 episodes I have left before I'm caught up with DP.

See ya! ;)
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