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I'm all caught up! :D

I finally finished getting through all of those episodes of Pokémon DP. And since a download for DP089 isn't available yet, I ended up watching it on Youtube. After seeing that episode I'm looking forward to DP090 because of the preview.

And DP088 made me go back to liking Hikari again. I just can't seem to make up my mind about her. XD; But since she's not bugging me right now, it's all good. :)

Oh man. This was a fun little filler. So many Croagunk~! It's weird how I once thought that I was going to hate Takeshi having a Croagunk, and now because of how amusing his Croagunk has been since the first time we saw it, I friggin love those things. ♥ I really hope Takeshi's doesn't evolve in the series because Toxicroak is flatout creepy looking. At least Croagunk is creepy in a cute way...if that's even possible. XD

Other than the awesome Croagunk festival, there's not much else for me to say about the epiosde. Except for the cute little flashback where we got to see how Kojirou met his Carnivine as a child. Because of that, now I'm not as upset about Carnivine taking the place of Kojirou's Cacnea.

So we've got ourselves a four part mini arc of fillers. Normally, I'd be very disappointed about this since some the fillers are just incredibly boring to me. However, as I mentioned in one of my previous DP episode rants, Kouhei appears in this arc, so yay! His complete nerdiness makes me giggle. X3 Plus I'm into HeatTagShipping, and the show is providing cute little things for that, so double yay!

But before I start squeeing about Kouhei in depth, let me just say how cute Hikari and Grimer are together. :3 When she first sent him out of the Pokéball, everybody else was acting like, "Eww, it's a Grimer. Keep that smelly sludge away from me!" so Grimer got all sad. But then Hikari told it that she thought it was cute in order to make it feel better, and then Grimer was all happy again and hugged her. D'awww~ And it was amusing watching them practice random contest-style poses together. And Hikari getting her hand stuck in Grimer made me chuckle a bit. X3

Anyways, now it's time to move on to the 2 ships that are getting cute little scenes so far in this mini arc. They are HeatTagShipping (Kouhei/Hikari), and the ship that was born after DP088 aired, MorpheusShipping (Satoshi/Aoi).

Regarding MorpheusShipping, I'm not completely won over by the idea of it yet since I get the feeling that Aoi won't be returning in future episodes even though she's been hanging out with Satoshi & co. in the past 2 episodes. Her character design is too plain, so it just seems like the writers don't plan on reusing her. However, I could be entirely wrong about this since people kept complaining that Kengo was too plain, and yet he's one of Hikari's main returning rivals. Anyways, the ship is cute in a way. Satoshi and Aoi end up fighting a lot once they meet each other at the summer school, but then it seems like they slowly started to grow to respect each other by the end of DP088. The short little scene where they fist bump each other and then grin widely was kinda cute. And then in DP089, it was amusing to watch them argue some more on the Lanturn peddle boat. Their faces were surprisingly close while they were scowling at each other. The only thing keeping them from getting even closer was Aoi's Shinx who was totally squished inbetween the 2 of them while they fought. ^^; Other than that, I didn't really notice anything else. However, in the preview for DP090, there's a scene showing Satoshi grabbing a hold of Aoi's arm to keep her from falling from something, so if there's anybody that's going to be hardcore about this ship, I guess that's going to be a notable scene.

Now for HeatTagShipping, we already met Kouhei in that mini tournament arc, and there were a couple of cute things there that made me like this ship. But now I'm liking it even more. :D First off, Kouhei was hanging around Hikari alot once the gang ran into him at the summer school. It was funny watching him popping up behind her everywhere. XD And what made me giggle was how everytime she took out her Pokédex to find out about a Pokémon that she hadn't seen before, Kouhei would show up and say the information the same way that a Pokédex would. XDDD And it was cute how he was happy about Hikari cheering him on while he battled Team Rocket. :3 Also, in the preview for DP090, there's a scene showing him collapsed on the ground with Hikari trying to wake him up. This might be nothing really shipworthy, but it still looks sweet anyway. :) But yes. I like this ship and I hope that the writers make Kouhei show up again later in the animé. He's such a fun character in his own respect, so I'd be terribly sad if we never got to see him again.

See ya! ;)

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