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Me babbling about fanlistings

I updated my profile if anybody cares. I edited my "About Me" section slightly, but the main update was adding a bunch of fanlistings to the "Check Out..." section. I decided to go off on a Pokémon fanlisting spree when I got bored yesterday, and then I decided to add some Avatar ones as well. I'm still waiting for a few more fanlistings to send the confirmation e-mail, so I'll probably be adding more throughout the day.

Seeing so many awesome fanlistings really makes me want to learn more coding so that I can make my own. I have several subjects that I'd LOVE to make fanlistings for, but all I know is a small handful of very basic HTML that I've picked up over the years from doing various stuff on the Internet. And even if I did learn some more coding, I'd have to get myself a domain to host it on. But I did come across a free host that actually might be a good one (instead of those typical free hosts like Freewebs and Geocities). But even after all that, I'd also have to make some good looking graphics to spruce up the sites. I've been getting better with icons, but when it comes to larger graphics like banners, I tend to suck. Or they just look too plain to me.

But yeah, if I ever managed to overcome all of those things, I'd want to make listings for:

Pokémon - Character: Jun (Damion/Barry/Pearl/whatever his name is)
Pokémon - Character: Kouhei (Conway)
Pokémon - Ship: Hikari/Jun (Dawn/Damion)
Pokémon - Ship: Hikari/Kouhei (Dawn/Conway)
Psych - Character: Buzz McNab
Psych - Character: Karen Vick
Psych - Character: Pineapple (LOL yes, I consider the pineapple to be a character XD)
Psych - Episode: Nine Lives (1x05)
Psych - Ship: Gus/Juliet

Obviously I probably wouldn't do all of these, but these are just ideas that I've been thinking about for awhile (or just thought of now while typing up this list). But if I could only have one for Pokémon and one for Psych, I'd snap up Hikari/Jun and Buzz McNab in a heartbeat. I know that I'd put a lot of time and effort into these (especially for Buzz omgyoudonotevenknow ♥), and I'd definitely have fun with them since I'd probably turn them both into a fanlisting/shrine dedicated to their awesomeness. For the Buzz one, it would be awesome since I recently went on IMDB and looked up other roles that Sage Brocklebank did besides Buzz, and I donwloaded 3 or 4 of them, so I could screencap the scenes he appeared in and post them in a gallery with Psych screencaps of course. And I'd probably post video clips for download as well. So yeah, I have a lot of ideas for what I'd want to do with that particular fanlisting.

See ya! ;)

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