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Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Episode 90

So I watched the latest episode yesterday I'm going to talk about it. XD

This episode was very...blah to say the least.

There was some random nighttime thing where everybody got assigned a partner and I guess they had to go find something in the woods. Anyways, Satoshi and Aoi were paired up, Takeshi got paired up with some random kid, and Hikari got paired up with this overly muscular kid that was just a big scaredy cat. Speaking of the muscular kid, it was so gross when they made him make his pectorals move. Just...NO. That scene definitely gets an award in my book for most disturbing EVER. x_x;

Anyways, there was some random ghost girl thing that kept luring people away to dangerous places. First, she lures Kouhei to a cliff by hypnotizing him, and he almost walked off of it. But a Dusknoir saved him just in time by grabbing his arm. Then shortly after, Hikari shows up (because she saw Kouhei in sleepwalk mode while she was in the woods with her partner), Dusknoir flees because it doesn't want to be attacked by her, and then she shakes Kouhei awake. What made me sad though was that since Kouhei didn't know what a Dusknoir was, he couldn't do the Pokédex entry thing like he did in DP089. :(

Anyways, later in the episode, Satoshi and Aoi find the badge thing they were looking for and do a little victory pose. Then the ghost girl thing comes back (I think she helped lead them to the badge thing, but I don't remember), and Dusknoir shows up tries to attack her before she does anything bad, but Satoshi and Aoi command Pikachu and Aoi's Shinx to attack Dusknoir, knocking it out. Then the ghost girl thing causes a cave to turn into this weird vortex that started to try sucking them in. So Satoshi grabs onto something while Pikachu and Shinx tug on his pants to help keep Satoshi from getting sucked in while he's grabbing Aoi's arm. When Satoshi starts to lose his grip, I guess Aoi is shouting at him to let her go, but he refuses and she's like, "Satoshi..." But then Dusknoir finally gets back up and saves them by blocking the gust of the vortex from sucking them all in. Then it attacks the ghost girl thing, she dies, and the cave returns to normal and crumbles, blocking the entrance.

But yeah, there wasn't much to keep me amused. However, there was one scene with Meowth were he tries to put on a Bannette costume to scare Satoshi and Aoi, but I'm guessing one of his whiskers got caught in the zipper for his mouth, so he tries to get it unstuck. But then a real Bannette shows up and fixes it. And then Meowth gets scared by the Bannette and the Shuppet and Duskull that were with it, so he runs away screaming.

In regards to shipping, there wasn't really any HeatTagShipping this week, and in the preview for next week's episode (which is the last one in this 4 episode arc), it doesn't seem like as if there's going to be much interaction between Kouhei and Hikari. :( However, MorpheousShipping got that big scene at the end, and next week, apparently Satoshi gets to save her again, and a slight blush appears on her face. But the way they edit those previews, Aoi could be blushing about something else. But if it is about him, I'm guessing this is another one of those one-sided ships. I still don't plan on shipping it, but I guess that's something for me to look out for next week.

EDIT: Here's the preview to show what I mean.

See ya! ;)


EDIT: I added the link for next episode's preview inside the LJ-cut.
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