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Joined another Psych fanlisting today. Woohoo! :D There haven't been any new ones made in about a year or longer, so when somebody advertised it at one of the Psych communities, I was happy. However, this just reminded me how I'm still waiting for 5 Pokémon and 3 Avatar fanlistings to take me out of the pending members thing. I might end up having to send out some e-mails if I don't get responses by the time that the 2 week grace period is up. Actually, I guess it's getting close to being 2 weeks now as it is. I have to check the timestamps and see when I got the pending e-mails for them.

Anyways, today has been a day full of various nostalgic things. I got bored a few hours ago, so I decided to take a peak at some of the stuff under my bed. I stumbled upon old Pokémon figures (mainly duplicate ones since I keep the others in a drawer), my playskool cassette player/recorder (oh man, I must've been on drugs when I recorded some of the things that I said on that tape), an overdue VHS tape from Blockbuster that archemo lent to me and never took back when I tried to give it back on several occasions, and the CD that archemo and a few of her neighbors/friends made that's filled with hilariously silly things. ♥ Then when I got bored again on the computer, I decided to replay the point and click game called Adventure X. However, they updated the music in it, so it's not all jolly anymore. :( I still remember what it sounded like though, so maybe I should try to teach myself how to play the jingle on a keyboard or something. XD Then later on, Jen mentioned Kablam and Action League Now in one of her posts, so I went on Youtube and looked up Kablam to listen to the theme songs for both of those, and I watched a full episode. And it makes me miss 90's Nickelodeon so much. T_T Watching the "Prometheus and Bob" segment really brought back some memories.

See ya! ;)

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