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Pokémon sub and episode rant

DATS made a Pokémon sub for DP087, so I just finished up watching that. It was done very nicely (with the exception of 2 errors for attack names, but that's very minor), so I'm quite pleased with it. :) It's too bad that their Pokémon releases are very sporadic, because I'd love to see some subs for the 4 part summer school arc.

Speaking of that, the last episode for that arc just aired in Japan yesterday, so here's my episode rant for that.

This one was very amusing thanks to Kouhei and Musashi. Basically what happened was that there was a triathlon, and all of the trainers got rental Pokémon to use during various checkpoints in the race. At the first checkpoint, Musashi tried to get a different Pokémon instead of Hippowdon, but the person at the booth thing wouldn't let her, so she was bitter about that and ended up falling behind Satoshi, Aoi, Kouhei, Hikari, and Takeshi for awhile. However, at the second checkpoint, she got a Magikarp. But instead of it making her fall behind even more, the Magikarp kept flopping up and down in the water really fast, and that helped her to pass Hikari and Takeshi and to catch up with Satoshi, Aoi, and Kouhei. Then when Satoshi was helping Aoi in the cave after Musashi attacked them with her Seviper to get ahead, it was down to just her and Kouhei. And if they hadn't been so pooped out by the time they got to the finish line, they probably would've gotten 1st and 2nd. But of course, the writers HAD to make Satoshi and Aoi get a random burst of energy out of nowhere to run fast enough and somehow pass the other 2 to be the winners since, y'know, it's not right to make the main protagonist of the series lose a race. God forbid that should ever happen. -_-;

But yeah, Kouhei would randomly pop up in front of/behind Hikari throughout the race like he does normally, and the way he was running with his Slowking was funny. But what I found to be really hilarious was how he continued to do his creepy little laughter once the Floatzel he got at the second checkpoint had already gone underwater. XD

And for MorpheusShipping, it appears that Aoi's blush in the preview WAS about Satoshi. And even before that scene, she blushed when Satoshi wanted to shake her hand because she remembered how he saved her in DP090. Then at the end of the episode, the two of them are star gazing together, talking about something (probably about the summer school being over or whatever), then shake hands. So yeah, this is definitely one of those one-sided ships if she's attracted to him now. However, unless if the writers bring her back in a future episode, nothing is going to come out of this one. But I guess it's still a little cute nonetheless.

And next week's episode just looks really...stupid. But I already figured that when I read the summary for that episode about 2-3 weeks ago. Apparently Team Rocket is going to get overweight (I don't know how because they're always spending their money on new gadgets to try and catch Pikachu), so they need to excercise to get back in shape. Hence why the episode is called, "Back to the Basics, Team Rocket!?" With a title like that, they could've done something SO much better in the episode rather than making them lose weight. Like make them go back to the basics in regards to stealing things. In an opinion I read somewhere written by a fan, apparently they must've been decent at their job before they discovered Satoshi and his Pikachu, otherwise, why would they be on that wanted poster in Viridian City? If they decided to go back to doing whatever the heck they were doing to succeed before, maybe they'd have a better shot at stealing, or at least become reinvigorated to do bad again.

See ya! ;)

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