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Pokémon DP092 the episode was actually better than I thought. I'M SORRY I MISJUDGED YOU.

So Hikari is training Piplup for an upcoming contest, and I guess she overworked Piplup or something because it collapses after finishing the appeal it was practicing. So Satoshi and co. rush to the nearest Pokémon Center. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is all pudgy looking and they can barely walk. Then they get even bigger at a restaurant and realize that they need to lose weight, so later on, you see them all working out inside a cabin. During all of that, Hikari is worried about Piplup, and I guess she feels guilty because she tears up a bit, but then when Piplup wakes up, it makes her feel better before it falls back asleep again.

In the middle of the night, Team Rocket is back to their usual, fit shape, and they're wearing black outfits to break into the Pokémon Center and steal all of the Pokéballs. So Meowth, Wobbuffet, and Mime Jr. keep stuffing all of the Pokéballs into Carnivine's mouth and planned on sneaking back outside to Musashi and Kojirou to make their getaway. But Carnivine can't keep all of the Pokéballs in its mouth, so a few of them drop to the floor. And because Piplup apparently has SUPER SENSITIVE HEARING POWERS OF DOOM, it hears the Pokéballs hit the floor and wakes up to check and see what's going on. It catches Meowth and the other Pokémon, and they escape while Piplup is shouting to make everybody else wake up.

Then outside, the battle ensues. After battling with their Pokémon for a bit, Team Rocket turns their getaway car into a mecha. But I guess they didn't shock proof it for Pikachu because the mecha has a power failure and explodes. And once again Satoshi and co. save the day and move on to their next destination.

Now for my thoughts. The episode brought back a lot of old music from the Kanto days, which I enjoyed a lot. I especially liked the fact that Team Rocket even did the original Kanto motto since I can't STAND the motto they do in Sinnoh. And just the fact that they went back to robbing a Pokémon Center was a HUGE throwback to the 2nd episode of the series where we first met them.

I hated the stupid b-plot storyline for Satoshi and co. They lose valuable time just because of Piplup. And Hikari being all emo about it bugged me a bit as well. And there's no way in hell that Piplup should've been able to hear those Pokéballs hit the ground. They barely made a pindrop, and Piplup was fast asleep. Bleh...I hate stupid plot convieniences like that.

In next week's episode, I get to be in it! :O

Haha, not really. But the Japanese name of the Hearthome City Gym Leader happens to be Melissa, and she wears purple and uses purple Pokémon. IT'S A CONSPIRACY I TELL YOU. But yeah, it's about damn time that Satoshi gets to battle her since she wasn't around the other 2 times that he went to Hearthome City to challenge her. Hopefully he'll just win the badge and move on since I don't think that we really need to make a mini arc of him trying to win multiple times. This series already has enough filler as it is. -_-;

See ya! ;)

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