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Comfy Slippers

Merry Christmas everyone! :D

I got lots of nice things today from my parents. :D

Video Games:
-Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia
-Wii Music
-NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
-Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility
-Wii Fit (which I totally wasn't expecting at all because I didn't know that they preordered the game before it even came out several months ago)

-Burn Notice season 1
-The Office season 4
-House M.D. season 4
-How I Met Your Mother season 3
-Pokémon season 1: box 3

Other Things:
-2 pairs of pajama bottoms
-1 Wii t-shirt
-Lost 2009 calendar
-A pair of headphones (which is nice because I sometimes listen to my mp3 player when I sleep, so the wires get broken inside and stop working after awhile)
-A bag of Munchos (potato chips)

My neighbor should be coming to visit at around 2PM, so she'll have a couple of gifts. And then I'll have some fun little things when we open up our stocking stuffers tonight. :)

See ya! ;)


EDIT: Here's the rest of the stuff.

From my Neighbor:
-The Big Bang Theory season 1

Stocking Stuffers:
-Spongebob socks (2 pairs)
-Various candy (Starbursts, Push Pops, Dots, etc.)
-A stuffed snowman ornament
-A sudoku book
-A pink wallet
-A bingo scratchoff lottery card thing
-A bag of potato sticks

...and I feel like I'm forgetting 1 or 2 things from the stockings, but I'm not sure.
Psych: Yayz!

Black Friday 2008 = EPIC DEALS

Today was the best Black Friday EVER. My dad and I got so many good deals today, and we had fun being total nerds. 8D

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In conclusion, I am SO glad that we did what we did this year instead of just going to WalMart again. And I'm looking forward to what good sales (or "super deals" like my dad kept saying all day XD) we'll find next year. :D

See ya! ;)


P.S. Also, the Psych Christmas special is airing tonight. YAAAY~! :DDD
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I need to get an icon for posts like these

Ever since I went downstairs a couple nights ago to watch the election updates on TV with my parents, these past few days have felt like a blur up till now. @_@

Yesterday we repainted the stage at Stage Crew, and afterward, I went to my friend's house for a couple hours or so. Then I had some tasty homemade stuffed crust pizza for dinner, watched some TV with my mom, got my shower, played my DS, and then I passed out for the night. And then today, my mom and I went to Brookdale's open house thingy. It was okayish. We got 2 free bags from it though. Then we went to Chili's for lunch, went to Borders and Toys R Us, and then went to a mall until it was time to pick my dad up from work. (He's not allowed to drive until his doctor gives him a new medication or something because of the seizure he had in San Diego.)

And now I feel like I'm about to crash again since I feel kinda sleepy. But I'm not going to since The Office is on tonight. Hooray! :D


See ya! ;)

Comfy Slippers

Too much to do for tomorrow @_@

...so much for The Office being on tonight. That stupid Presidential thing comes on at 9 PM, which is the time that the show airs on NBC. So much sadness. :(

But at least this gives me more time to do my homework and look through baby pictures to use for the yearbook. Oh, and I don't have any idea what to use for my senior quote. Gah! Why does this stuff have to be due tomorrow!?

Meh...I do have one idea for a quote, but I think it seems really odd for me to use it. But I did think it was interesting the first time I heard it, and most people probably wouldn't have a clue where it came from since I'll probably write the name of the character rather than the actor's name, so I guess I could use it without feeling any shame. I still don't think it's really profound or anything like some of the quotes I've heard other people planning on using. And it's also not like as if it's that overused quote from The Sandlot where Babe Ruth is like, "Heroes get remembered, but legends never die." (Even though I still think that's a good quote anyway. :P) So yeah, I guess I'll go ahead and use the one I'm pondering about.

See ya! ;)

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My 2 days off + today

"I don't expect them to be perfect...although some people are more perfect than others."
--My Physics teacher

Yeah...where the hell does he get off saying something like that? Honestly, he was probably referring to himself with that statement because he thinks he's all high and mighty because of his "Dr." status. *rolls eyes* I'm SO tempted to make a fake e-mail address and bitch him out about how much I hate him and his class, but on the off chance that there's a way to track IP addresses or something, I'd better not. :P

Anyways, I had Tuesday and Wednesday off from school because of a Jewish holiday. One of my friends came over for a few hours on Tuesday, so that was fun. :) And yesterday I was jumping around between playing 4 video games: SSBB, MKWii, EarthBound, and PW2.

A new episode of The Office is on tonight, so I'm looking forward to that. :) I wonder if my brother and I will have another little fandom discussion thing on the phone again, because last Sunday he asked me if I saw it, and we talked about it and a few other shows like Burn Notice. And it amused me for some odd reason.

See ya! ;)

Comfy Slippers


I unlocked Funky Kong in Mario Kart Wii today, so now I can hopefully beat all of the Time Trials with him. He's apparently the fastest character in the game (which is proven by all of the worldwide records people have made while using him), so he'll probably make my times a few seconds faster than when I was using Yoshi. I'm still not looking forward to having to beat all 32 courses just to finish getting everything though. O_x;

Anyways, now I'm caught up with almost all of my TV shows. I finished watching the episodes of The Office, The Big Bang Theory, and HIMYM, so now I just need to watch the latest episode of Lost with my brother, and then I can finally go back to watching Burn Notice. And since it's getting really close to Burn Notice returning, I really need to hurry up before it comes back on for season 2 in the summer.

I also keep putting off Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. And I'm only a little over halfway done with the main storyline (Chapter 12 out of 20 chapters I think), and I probably could've moved on a week or two ago, but I'm stubborn and won't move on until my Torchic and Piplup are at least at level 30.

See ya! ;)

Psych: Yayz!

Trip to NYC

So today I went to NYC with my mom, and I went to the Nintendo World Store and the NBC Store. And like always, I've come back with some goodies. :3

At Nintendo World, I got a Chimchar PokéDoll, 3 Pokémon Figures (Ho-Oh, Lugia, and Chimchar), a Yoshi RC from the Mario Kart series, and a Wii Sports T-shirt (which goes PERFECTLY with the Wii pajama bottoms I got for Easter :D).

Then at the NBC Store, I got the Psych Mug that was featured in the commercials for season 2. :) It was much bigger than I thought it was going to be, which is nice. I almost bought a Psych golfball too, but I decided against it because I spent $10 more than I planned on spending today, so spending $4 on a golf ball was out the question. (I'll probably get it the next time I'm there though. ;D) My mom and I also picked out some magnets and an ornament from The Office for my brother. We're giving him the magnets for his birthday (in June), and saving the ornament until it's Christmas time.

Anyways, I've got some new pictures from Nintendo World, and I took 3 pictures of the Psych Mug for you all to check out.

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See ya! ;)

Comfy Slippers

Catching up

Well, I'm all caught up with HIMYM and BBT episodes, so now I need to start working on The Office. I might not get to do that tonight though because I have an icky project thing due for English tomorrow, and I've barely worked on it. Woohoo for procrastination! But anyways, the HIMYM episodes, especially the most recent one, had some fun Barney/Robin scenes, so I'm quite pleased. :) BBT also had some Sheldon/Penny, as weird as it was. XD; And I still adore Wolowitz to bits. ♥

In other news, my brother's wallet got stolen, so last night my parents were helping him close his bank account, credit card, etc. And he'll have to get a new social security number and driver's license too. It's his own stupid fault for not putting a lock on the locker while he was at the rec center, but I can't help but feel sorry for him anyway. For his sake, I hope that the person didn't want it for identity theft, but just for some money. But considering they took the whole wallet instead of just taking out the money and putting it back, it doesn't look so good.

See ya! ;)

RM.EXE: Netto

Lots of TV and gaming

I've been playing Pokémon Blue like crazy in order to catch up with archemo so that we can battle, but now I'm not so sure that I'll be able to make it anytime soon like I hoped I would. At least I completed my team of 6, which will be Charizard, Pikachu/Raichu (depends on whether or not I can get Pikachu to level 43 in time), Victreebel, Pidgeot, Vaporeon, and Gengar. These are all some of my personal favorites, and Gengar is actually my dad's favorite from the 1st-gen games. He never explained why, but when I asked him which Pokémon he liked the most when I showed him my book with all of the pictures of them, he picked Gengar. I was little then though, so he might've just picked one randomly in order to please me or something.

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Anyways, I'm almost caught up on the How I Met Your Mother episodes. I only have 1 or 2 more left, and then I have to watch last week's Big Bang Theory, and I'll be back on track with my Monday night shows. After those, I'll have to go back to working on finishing Burn Notice in time for the summer, and start watching season 4 of The Office. I should probably watch The Office though, because it's supposed to start airing new episodes later on this month or something. I swear, I get involved with way too many TV shows. @_@

See ya! ;)